The Age

It was the age of toilet paper shortages;

it was the age of puzzle shortages.

It was a time of masks and ventilators,

a time when few had enough,

and some had too much.

It was a time of testing, of being tested,

and waiting to be tested,

and a time to wait for results.

It was the time when nobody could go anywhere,

and everyone wanted to go to work,

a time of confusion, questions, and misinformation,

and a time of heroic sacrifice and hope.

It was a time of worry and a time of concern,

a time to watch, and a time for patience.

It was the time when we lived,

and the time we died.

Floof Dimension

Floof Dimension (floofinition) – 1. A measurable aspect of some kind, as seen by an animal.

In use: “Although he was a large animal, using floof dimensions, he wedged himself into the box.”

2. An existence employing spatial, temporal, and classic physics which animals know, but humans can’t comprehend.

In use: “Animals live lives of adventure in the floof dimension, often requiring them to eat and sleep more frequently in the human dimension, so that they can recharge and return to the floof dimension with fresh energy.”

3. Popular American musical floof group active beginning in the 1960s, who melded multiple musical influences to create the champagne floof sound.

In use: “Songs such as “I Wouldn’t Let You Sleep Last Night”, “Empty Bowl Blues”, and “Aquarius/Let the Cat Out”, kept the Floof Dimension atop the hit list.”

Old Soul

I was born with an old soul,

tested by reason,

I will not fold.

You can’t sway me

with money,

you can’t buy me

with gold.

I can’t be timid,

I must be bold.

You can say what you want,

but I can’t be told.

That’s the problem

when you’re born with an old soul.

All I Want (A Cat’s Lament)

Give me strength

to not claw you as you sit

looking at me

and telling me,

“I don’t understand what you want.”

You’re not trying.

We both know it.

We know what I want.

You’re just being dogmatic about what you’ll give me.

Pig-headed about giving in.

Mulish in your approach to our relationship.

Drawing your head into your shell.

Sticking it into the ground.

Or scurrying, mouse-like, from my demands.

Slithering away from facing up to my natural superiority.

Following the herd about what should be done.

Instead of striking out on your own,

and going in there,

and opening every food that’s available

until we find one that makes me happy.

That’s all I want.

Saturday’s Theme Music

We slipped out, conducting a night patrol. Basically, we’d read of rumors on the net about certain stores and their hours and how much better it was during those times. The ‘special shopping hours’ are ten to midnight, so we left at 10:11 and cruised down through the parking lots. Who was masked? How many people seemed present? Was it safe? (My wife is sharply risk adverse, as she has RA.)

While out, George Benson’s 1980 song, “Give Me the Night” filled my music stream. It started a medley of Benson songs, but I stayed with this one for the theme music. The lyrics lend to that wonderful night energy that breathes new life into you.

Whenever dark has fallen
You know the spirit of the party
Starts to come alive
Until the day is dawning
You can throw out all your blues
And hit the city lights
‘Cause there’s music in the air
And lots of lovin’ everywhere
So gimme the night
Gimme the night

You need the evening action
A place to dine, a glass of wine
A little late romance
It’s a chain reaction
You’ll see the people of the world
Coming out to dance
‘Cause there’s music in the air
And lots of lovin’ everywhere
So gimme the night
Gimme the night

So come on out tonight
And we’ll lead the others
On a ride through paradise
And if you feel all right
Then we can be lovers
‘Cause I see that starlight
Look in your eyes
Don’t you know we can fly

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