Special Edition Theme Song

Had a doughnut, thought about having another. The little devil on my shoulder started singing, “Go ahead and do it, do it, do it till you’re satisfied.” Now the 1974 B.T. Express song, “Do It ‘Til You’re Satisfied”, is stuck in my mental stream, distracting me from my writing and pushing me toward eating a second doughnut.

The doughnut does complement the coffee, though…



Clairfloofance¬†(floofinition) –¬†Animals’ power to perceive what people are doing, no matter the animals’ state or the human’s location.

In use:¬†“Waiting until the cats were asleep and snoring, Michael quietly arose, went outside and began yard work, thinking the cats wouldn’t be bothering them, because they were asleep. He’d forgotten about their clairfloofance.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Out yard working yesterday, tidying, clipping, trimming (killing time). I kept thinking, it feels like rain. More than that, it looked like rain might be on the way, and it smelled like rain was out there. It was out there somewhere, but not in my area. The rain never came but a Buddy Guy song (written by John Hiatt), “Feels Like Rain” (with Bonnie Raitt) 1993, slipped into the music stream like morning fog coming into the valley.

A simple, mellow song for this laid-back Tuesday morning. Good tempo for sipping coffee while gazing out the window and drifting the net.

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