Flooferee (floofinition) – Individual responsible for ensuring the rules during play, disagreement, or fight between animals are obeyed.

In use: “Hissing and yowling erupted in the dining area. Leaping up, Cyndy prepared to put on her virtual flooferee uniform and intervene.”

Long Sighs

Still holding her phone up, Mya stared at her mother. Her mother had such a pretty face. Everyone said so, but whenever it was just her and her mom, her mother delivered every set of thoughts with a long sigh, as if what she has just stated is a great burden. “Beverly’s birthday is tomorrow. I’ll need to send her a birthday card.” Long sigh.

“I have no energy. I’ll make a cup of coffee in a minute, after I do this puzzle.” Long sigh.

“What do we have in the freezer to have for dinner? I suppose I can take out some salmon.” Long sigh.

Listening, watching her mother, Mya wondered where the long sighs came from, and why she did it. Looking into her short tube of memories (she couldn’t help thinking like that, thank you, Uncle Pat), the eleven-year-old decided that she would not be like her mother, sighing as though burdened with everything that she does.

“We can have rice with it. Do we have rice? Let me go look.” Long sigh.

“I’ll look,” Mya said, jumping up. Then she caught herself sighing and wondered, was it already too late?

Friday’s Theme Music

Showered. Shaved. Teeth were brushed. Headed out to make breakfast and thought, yeah, feel like steppin’ out. Which, you know, can be done, but with risk. How much risk? Some; we’re trying to flatten the curve, conserve resources, and buy time until we have a COVID-19 vaccine or we’ve developed herd immunity. Both are expected to require some time to pass. We hope, by social distancing and isolation, we’ll keep the illness and death down in the meantime.

While walking into the kitchen after those thoughts, Joe Jackson’s 1982 song, “Steppin’ Out”, began its fast-paced melodic beat in my mind. That opening track, with its humming vibrancy, captures the anticipation of going out at night to meet people and have fun.

Maybe on another day. Not today, but it’s a good song to help pass the time until then.


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