System of a Floof

System of a Floof (floofinition) – Floofmanian-American flockal (floof-rock-metal) band formed in Floofdale, California in 1994.

In use: “Achieving commercial success with the release of several albums, System of a Floof had perhaps its greatest success with “B.Y.O.F.”, which played on “Be your own floof” and Bring your own fun”.

Wednesday Theme Music

I’ve done this song before, but it just fits so well to these times, when people are social-distancing and can’t go anywhere.

‘Cause I’m stuck in the middle with you
And I’m wondering what it is I should do.
It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face.
Losing control and running all over the place.

Clowns to the left of me!
Jokers to the right!
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

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It can apply to being at home with your, ahem, loved ones (or their reaction to you), or the cat’s reaction to your continual presence. Or there you are in a store, trying to maintain safe distance while you re-supply, all masked, while an idiot behind you ignores it all.

It can even be political, if you think that these are special times which require special leadership, that sadly, you perceive we might be lacking…

Here’s Stealer Wheels with “Stuck in the Middle with You”, from 1973.


Floofulus (floofinition) – Mathematical study and analysis by animals.

In use: “Employing floofulus seems natural to pets, as they often employ it to understand how they can steal pizza and other food without being stopped.”

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