Floofuit (floofinition) – 1. A channel or path regularly used by animals. 2. A person who understands animals on deeper levels, often referred to as an animal whisperer, e.g., the cat whisperer, horse whisperer, or dog whisperer.

In use: “A path was worn across the yard from a hole in the fence on one side to a hole in the fence on other side, a floofuit used by skunks and foxes, and cats and raccoons, according to the camera that Shelly set up to monitor the floofuit.”

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  1. My granddaughter, Miss Goose, is a floofuit by the 2nd definition. The moggies wait for her to get up in the late morning, and they suddenly all converge on her, all talking at once to tell her of their floofnuit adventures. She is, the Kittie Whisperer in our house.

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