The Waves Dream

Dreams last night were like energetic kittens wrestling and playing: lot of action and motion, and not too linear. 

But one sequence’s sharp focus overpowered memories of the rest. I’d gone upstairs in a house to shave. We lived by the ocean on a bluff. Wanting to look out at the day (and the sea), I raised a white blind. When I did, I saw a huge blue wave breaking. The wave was the windows height, and splashed against the glass. Startled by its height, I lowered the blind and left the room.

Rushing downstairs, I told my wife about the huge wave. It impressed because our house was set back from the bluff’s edge by over twenty feet. For the wave to travel across that distance and still break on the second story window was amazing.

I ran back up the stairs to the bathroom. Raising the blind again gave me time to see another enormous bright blue wave racing toward me. Taller than the last, I realized it was going to break over the house.

Before I could close the sash, the wave broke. The house shuddered with the impact. I expected the window to break, but it didn’t. Halfway through shaving, I went to check on the property. Everything seemed fine, except my car, a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, was gone. The wave took it, I thought. Other than those enormous waves, it wasn’t storming, but calm.

That dream sequence ended.


Floofrobe (floofinition) – 1. A bathrobe or houserobe that housepets establish as their property.

In use: “She could never set her robe down without a cat immediately staking a claim to it, regarding her with a calm expression that stated, my robe.”

2. A garment made for an animals to provide weather protection and keep them warm.

In use: “She bought her little Scottie an adorable red and black  checked floofrobe. He looked like a perfect gentlefloof in it.”


Floofcase (floofinition) – 1. Luggage intended for travel that becomes usurped by one or more animals.

In use: “Whenever the luggage was brought out for a trip, a cat emerged and made themselves comfortable on it, as if stating, if you’re going, so am I.”

2. The reasons given for adopting a pet.

In use: “She made an elaborate floofcase for adopting the dog but it was all about his eyes and his look on Facebook. Other reasons really didn’t matter.”


Tuesday’s Theme Music

A mellow tune for today, one that I thought of while looking at the mountains across the way. Cold and clear, we were in the shadows on a mountain on the northern side. Over on the southern mountains, sunshine looked warm and inviting. It seemed like two worlds.

I wondered what could bring those worlds together, knowing that those “two worlds” that I saw were one, divided by who was in the shadow. It seemed a proper metaphor for life. People live in the shadow of the information and myths – and sometimes, disinformation and lies – that dominate our world. Amazing how the shadows can affect it.

From that came thoughts of songs about people coming together. There’s a bunch of them that were made in the 1960s, a time when trying to come together seemed important to many artists. Out of the pool, “Get Together” by the Youngbloods (1967) rose to the top and took over the stream.


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