Circumfloof (floofinition) – 1. To go around an animal.

In use: “She was circumfloof as old Ranger was sleeping, and looked so sweet.”

2. An animal, especially a pet, who is discreet.

In use: “A circumfloof little dog, she was adept at stealing food from people’s plate.”

3. To limit an animal’s range or permitted activities.

In use: “The dogs were given circumfloofed areas to sleep — their beds, the floor, or outside, but NOT the beds, sofa, and chair — but they were usually found on the sofa, bed, and chairs.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Harry Nilsson was a tremendously talented songwriter and an entertaining rock star. I don’t know what prompted “Jump Into the Fire” (1972) to jump into my head yesterday afternoon. It’d been another wonderful day of writing. The day was windy and drizzly but pleasant, and I was thinking about how fortunate I was in so many ways. Out of that and into my stream came this song. He was young, of course, when he died, 52, but we still have his music.

Let’s jump into the fire and make each other happy.

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