Coyfloof (floofinition) – 1. Animal that’s a hybrid of several species. The term is adapted from the expression, coywolf, the hybrid animal (part wolf, part coyote, part dog) that’s developed in the last decade in the United States.

In use: “An offspring of a male lion and a female tiger, a liger is a natural coyfloof that’s generally larger than either of its parents.”

2. A shy animal.

In use:¬†“Even though she was large (for a housecat) at twenty-one pounds, she was a coyfloof, willing to be loving to her human, but shunning everyone else by hiding in a closet whenever someone came to the door.”


Impressions crept in on her, darkening her mood. His cell-like room felt dryer and hotter than she remembered the Sahara being. Negativity spiked from him like blackberry bramble thorns. When he spoke, words lurched out like they were freight cars in a train that didn’t have the engine for its load.

A Noble Coffee House

I’ve been coming to Noble’s for a few weeks at this point. It’s a damn fine place. Larger community tables have outlets nearby, what we regulars (yeah, I’m a regular now) call a power table.¬†Besides those tables are many tables that seat two to four. Conversation pits with sofas, easy chairs, and rockers offer comfortable options for chatting with friends.

Located among a few other businesses on the bottom of Fourth Street where it meets A Street at the bottom of the hill, still downtown but away from the Plaza, Noble’s is larger than other Ashland coffee shops, with space for fifty to sixty without too much problem (and there are days when it’s been packed). Large windows along one wall deliver delightful natural light but well-placed and assorted light fixtures (no fluorescent, thanks) help minimize shadows. And, for those who wish, several outside tables (on the sidewalk) give more seating and visiting options.

Coffee is very good to excellent. They offer two fresh options every day. My preference is a dark blend called Daydream. It’s all those thing you hear about in coffee commercials, like smooth, robust, and flavorful. I might have had an orgasm the first time I drank some.

Not surprising. Nobles uses fair-trade, organic coffee. The owner/operators go on buying and picking trips a few times per year. See that glass door in the corner? If you look in it, which they encourage, you’ll see their coffee roaster. Yes, it’s all roasted and ground on site.

Besides appealing, fresh coffee, tasty pastries like scones, muffins, and croissants (savory (like ham and cheese) or sweet (like chocolate)) will satisfy your peckishness. I’ve had the gluten-free pumpkin scone (baked in the kitchen in the back) three times (for quality purposes, of course), and tried the blueberry gf muffin twice. Now I need to talk myself out of buying one (or something else) every time I come. They’re addictive, I’m telling you. You’ve been warned.

Friendly baristas serve it up, the final touch on a proper coffee place. Come along. It’s a good place to meet with friends, take an energy break, study, read, or write a book.



Bullfloof (floofinition) 1. A male herbivore who is accepted and kept as a pet.

In use: “Seymour was Marshall’s bullfloof, a rescue who would always be his buddy, and no amount of exasperation from his father about how wrong it was would ever change that.”

2. Nonsense or foolish talk about animals.

In use: “Many people still adhere to the bullfloof that animals are dump, incapable of empathy, and lack the feelings of a human.”

3. Animal nonsense that they expect people to take seriously.

In use: “The house was a wreck, and the cat and the dog, side-by-side on the sofa, tried to sell the bullfloof that they had no idea what’d happened by giving wide-eyed, innocent stares of the, “Who, me?” variety.”

Friday’s Theme Music

This song popped up from the memory banks into the active stream yesterday as I was hurrying along. I have to get this done so that I can get home and get that done, I thought. Better get running. (It’s a mode that I dislike – run and get things done – anathema to my general philosophy.) A second later, JoJo Gunn’s 1972 song, “Run, Run, Run” was there.

Not much to the song, really. Some pleasant slide work, a fast beat, lyrics about running.

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