A Watch Dream Snippet

It was a long, coherent dream last night, one that seemed like The Great Escape or The Irishman, a movie that went on for several hours. 

I’d come into money. From that, I’d bought new property. After leaving it, I went with seven others to wander and explore the area.

We were four couples. One couple was my sister-in-law and her daughter. Another was my sister and her friend. A young couple, man and woman, were the third, and my wife and I were the final couple. I knew the young couple in the dream, but I can’t place them in my life.

We stopped, sitting at a table under some trees. The table became a rendezvous location. While I sat, the others came and went, shopping and visiting with people, etc.

A package wrapped in brown paper was brought to me. I opened it. Inside were watches. Some were gold but several were silver. All were new. Most were jewel encrusted. “Oh, yes, I ordered them,” I told the others, trying watches on. The others were exclaiming over them. I was dismayed. The watches were expensive but gaudier than anything that I would wear.

I began giving them to others. “Here, take a watch. Wear a watch.” I had more watches than I realized and wondered why I’d ordered so many, laughing at myself for that. The young man (of the couple) came up and asked, “May I take a watch?”

“Yes, yes,” I said. “Take a watch, please.”

The dream went on (with the same four couples), but that was the watch part.

His Nature

He saw a spot of blood on the path. One led to another, and then a series, about every thirty-six inches. They were not dry, but fresh. After following the blood for a few minutes (going north), he concluded the blood path went south, into the park.

After a moment, he followed the blood into the park. His nature didn’t allow any other outcome.


Floofmosphere (floofinition) – The air of interest and attention in a locality dominated by animals, especially housepets.

In use: “When she opened a bag of cookies, the floofmosphere changed dramatically; sleeping cats and dogs opened their eyes, turned their heads, pricked up their ears, and waited.”

Saturday’s Theme Music

Another song which entered my stream this morning and just lodged itself. A worthy song, sure, and one that I’m familiar with, but not my ‘type’ of preferred music. Of course I know it; pop music was less divided back in 1976 when this song came out, with fewer stations. Generally, in the places were I was, there were two or three news/talk format, two or three pop/rock stations, a local NPR station, a sports station, light adult contemporary, a jazz station, several religious stations, and a couple of country and western. My car had six presets, so I had my favorites on there and went back and forth, punching the button with a finger when something I didn’t want to hear came on.

Nevertheless, so songs were overpowering popular, that they were heard everywhere, all the time. Besides hearing them on the radio, they’d be on television. People played them on their car cassette players, record players at home, and 8-track players.

This song, “Don’t Cry Out Loud”, performed by Melissa Manchester, seemed like it was one of them.

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