Both were from Swedish families and celebrated the holidays using Swedish traditions, until one year, it became too much. Thereafter, they began a new tradition of making and eating ravioli on Christmas. They still observed everything else as before, except for their new traditional Christmas meal.


Floofiage (floofinition) – 1. A representation of animals for architectural ornamentation.

In use: “Intricately carved from a single fallen oak tree, a floofiage on her front door greeted visitors.”

2. A cluster or aggregate of animals and their fur.

In use: “Every morning when sunshine spilled into the living room, floofiage formed in the center and grew.”


Explaining what you said

because you didn’t feel right in the head

(just like so many days)

Explaining away your life

it was all pain, sickness, and strife

(that’s why you wasted so much in bed)

Explaining away today

and how it all got away

(well, there’s always tomorrow, innit there?)

Explaining what went wrong

after everything is gone

(well, it really wasn’t your fault now, was it?)



She was in on the game

(or so you thought)

so you didn’t feel bad about what you did

What she told the cops

(or so you thought)

was all just a bunch of bull

Now you’re spending time

(a nickel became a dime)

just because what went down that week

If you ever get the chance

(once you’re outta this dance)

You’re gonna let her know what you think

The Dream’s Train Segment

I was in Germany, walking along railroad tracks in the countryside. An elderly man was there. Tired, in holed clothes and mismatched shoes, he was befuddled, trying to say something and not saying much. I thought he wanted to get on the train, but I wasn’t sure. Nothing coherent came from him. While I wanted to help him, exasperation crept in; I had things to do, and he was not making sense.

I missed the train. I began to chase it. I didn’t run, but walked, and not at a fast pace. I followed a path that ran parallel to the tracks. The train would stop a bit ahead, and then, as I grew closer, take off again.

Then, I don’t know why, I decided I was going the wrong way. Reversing direction, I passed the old man again. I told him, “There’s the train, I’m going to catch it, if you want to come with me.” But he stayed where he was, in the sunshine, glancing around.

The train was stopped. I caught it, got onboard, and found my wife. She and I began shopping. It was important for her to get a supply of food. These were big emergency bags. Everyone was going for them. I didn’t think we needed them, and questioned what was in them, but she was insistent, so I took one.

Then we were walking through a department store with other shoppers. I had no idea what we wanted, so I mostly focused on killing time until the next part arrived. I was certain that was about to happen. An old friend, who was a first sergeant in the Air Force, stopped me to ask for some advice about what she should do regarding a personnel issue. As I was giving her my opinion, my wife returned looking for me. I introduced the two of them and they chatted. As that happened, others hailed me, seeking advice or help. I helped them as I could, and then my wife and I went on.

When we went on, my wife said to me, “I see what you mean. Everyone wants some part of you.”

We arrived at a cabin where we were going to stay. It was luxurious but small. I decided that I needed to prepare for the next day. I removed my clothes, which turned out to be a military uniform (light blue shirt, dark blue pants), and steam-pressed it so it would look good.

The segment ended.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

I don’t know what’s going on with my subconscious these days (it’s like it’s keeping me in the dark) but it pulled out a couple more unusual songs for my streaming enjoyment this morning.

First was an old show staple, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”, which I know from the movie, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (with Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and a bunch of male actors), which came out three years before I was born (yeah, I know Carol Channing song it before that, and I think Mom might have had it on a record). I know the movie (and song) from the miracle of modern television and shows like “Sunday Afternoon at the Movies”. Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” (1984) then leaped into the stream. As I was processing those songs, the stream switched to Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes” (1982).

That’s where it’s now stopped.

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