Con Floof (aka Confidence Floof)

Con Floof (aka Confidence Floof) (floofinition) – An animal who gains another’s trust and then cheats them.

In use: “His cats (and he used that possessive by habit, not because he believed they were really his — did any cat really belong to anyone else except themselves?) kept telling him that if he gave them more treats, they would take him with them when they used to floof exchange to leave Earth for good, but he was beginning to think they were a bunch of con floofs.”

2 thoughts on “Con Floof (aka Confidence Floof)

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  1. Yep, totes con-floofs! They’re love me, pet me, give me gravies and then you do, what happens? The minute they don’t need you for anything they roll their eyes at you and ignore you….annnnddd yet we still love them, go firgue?

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