Confloofial (floofinition) – 1. Relating to, occupied with, or fond of being in animals company.

In use: “She was a confloofial woman, always with a cat or a dog, a horse or bird, a goat or llama, serene in their presence, as they were with her.”

2. Animals who get along with people or other animals.

In use: “Gregarious, outgoing, confloofial, the little dog never met anyone, on two legs or four, feathered or with scales.”

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      1. She agrees- she told Mocha, (my handsome chocolate point Siamese boyfriend), that she doesn’t mind him coming around to see me and eat with me as long as he doesn’t mess with Me or Sushi or my Mama- but if he does…. It won’t go well for him.

        He just stared at her with his sapphire blue crossed eyes for a second, thought about it, and ran off!! I guess he didn’t like her terms! 😹

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