Monday’s Theme Music

A cool one is expected today, in the mid to upper eighties. Had some wind yesterday. The heat dome shrugged its shoulders. Smoke lessened. The sun became familiar, ah, sunny hues instead of a red hole in hell.

Sunrise today, Monday, 8/16/2021, will come at 6:17 AM. Sunset will bless us at 8:12 PM. For music, I’m stuck on a 1970 song, “The Rapper”, by The Jaggertz. “So he starts his rapping. Hoping something will happen. He’ll say he needs you, a companion, a girl he can talk to. He’s made up his mind, he wants someone to sock it to!”

Ha, sock it to. Have you heard anyone use that recently. It’s like, “Where’s the beef?” Or, “Mama mia, that’s some spicy meatball.” “Oh, he likes it. Hey, Mikey.” Or, um, twenty-one skidoo. Or groovy. Or even, “Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who?”

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, get the vax, you know? Enjoy the music. Cheers


Flooftization¬†floofinition) – An animal’s process of mapping places where they like to sleep, eat, play, or observe.

In use: “New pets in a home often embark on flooftization, walking around and sniffing, testing places for where others slept or sat, seeing if it would work for them.”

What I’m Watching

Yes, it’s time to tell the world again what I’m watching. Mostly so someone will provide tips on other things to watch but also to spead the word on the good stuff.

  1. Loki. Finished it. Wasn’t hugely impressed. Wasn’t that impressed with WandaVision either. Neat concepts but both struck me as comic books. I wasn’t wowed as so many critics and audiences were. Not sorry that Loki is over. Not looking forward to the next season.
  2. Just started the seventh and final season of Grace & Frankie. We enjoyed the first episode. We love their beach house. Gives us house envy.
  3. Hit and Run. Into the fourth episode of this Israeli – American show. It’s holding our attention and we do root for Segev, but sometimes question some of his decisions and behavior.
  4. Seaside Hotel. Now watching season 5 of this Danish melodrama. Love the character and relationship arcs, and the world’s changes around them, imparted in small ways. A sweet and gentle show, for now at least.
  5. The Last Wave. This French production caught my attention as I was drifting through choices the other day. I’ve enjoyed a number of Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Aussie supernatural themed shows, so I was willing to try this one. It’s holding onto us with its tale of a cloud and the impact on the town and some individuals. Looking forward to seeing this through. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.
  6. C.B. Strike. I started watching this British offering on my own in the evening. Then my wife was going by, stopped to watch, and was drawn in. We completed the series as released to date. Based on the Robert Galbraith novel series (and you know who he really is), they were entertaining fare, although some aspects became tedious and overdone (IMO, of course) by the end.
  7. We’d already finished Shrill, for which we experienced mixed feelings — she didn’t seem to learn lessons, and, as always on television, life as a writer seemed amazingly easy. Also finished was The Underground Railroad. I finished it; my wife did not. Too brutal for her. I agreed, it was terribly brutal. How we marginalize and treat people as a society based on skin color. Origins. Religion. Whatever little thing is deemed different is unacceptable and used to brutalize others.
  8. Walked away from Halifax. Strong cast, etc., but I didn’t buy into her role as a psychologist on the task force. Seemed forced and unrealistic.
  9. While I wasn’t particularly entertained by The Bay‘s first year, the second year was stronger and kept my attention. It came to an intelligent and satisfying conclusion. The last season of Jack Irish was good, bringing us up a lot of ancient history, expanding on everyone’s story, and spilling greater light on the circumstances that led to Jack Irish as we knew him. Helps that I’m a Guy Pearce fan, though, I think.
  10. Also just about finished is Unforgotten. Satisfying cold-case investigations. I could watch Nicola Walker in anything. She does a great job. I think she’s one of those actors who lifts up the production. One point that always has my wife and I laughing is how they ask people what they were doing on a particular night or weekend thirty years ago. This people always remember! Even thought they’re sixty, seventy, eighty. We’re of the opinion that we need to get on whatever memory diet they’re following.
  11. Just picking back up on The Sommerdahl Murders. I find this Danish show an intelligent take on relationships and personal histories and personalities as well as a decent murder mystery.
  12. Still on Thou Shalt Not Kill, from Italy. Hard to believe this thirty-year-old woman is a police inspector — that seems like an amazingly young age and she hasn’t done anything that makes me think it’s because she’s brilliant — but it is well-acted and with sufficient twists that I keep on going back. Not the highest one on my list but still worthwhile.
  13. Tested Kevin Can F**k Himself. Weren’t blown away. Didn’t go back for more.

There are a number of shows watched and off the list — Sweet Tooth, Chewing Gum, Please Like Me, Work in Progress, The Expanse, Killing Eve, What We Do in the Shadows, The Kominsky Method, The Queen’s Gambit, and Counterpoint all come to mind. And there are comedies where I watched the latest season and I’m waiting for the next: Would I Lie to You and QI. Of course, I’ve gone through all the Bosch, Vera, Hamilton, Varg Veum, and Line of Duty to date, along with Case Histories. Wouldn’t mind seeing more new ones of all these. I also watched, again, the one and only season of Firefly.

I’m sure I’ve overlooked a few. In the meantime, I’ll keep hunting up new things to watch. So what’s on your telly/laptop/streaming device? Any must see?


Sunday’s Theme Music

Slipped out at midnight to see what it was like. It had cooled, a surprise. The smoke had retreated from around my house so I stayed out there for a few minutes until the smoke began sneaking up on me again.

The smoke is still out there today. Red sky dawn as the particles bloodied the sun on its 6:18 AM arrival. Temperatures are expected to be lower today, mid to low nineties. Air quality still hovers between unhealthy and extremely unhealthy. No blue sky out there again; just a yellow white slate. Visibility is still low. Drove in to town on a library run yesterday. Visibility was about half a mile on the road. Where we could usually see the yellow Ashland Springs Hotel about two miles away — our tallest building — on the straight run into two, yesterday we saw little of anything. As you an imagine, there wasn’t much traffic. No one out running, walking, or biking. Plenty of parking available. Businesses were closed, events canceled. A bleak day. Daylight will end at 8:12. It’ll cool but not clear after that. It’s rumored Monday could bring a change. Maybe movement by the heat dome. Or wind. Maybe rain.

Out of dream land comes today’s theme music. Not certain how it all links up but when I awoke and contemplated dreams while still abed, a stinky cat by my side (he has butt issues, among other things, like fur and hygiene issues and arthritis), Crystal Gayle’s “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” (1977) to mind. I’m not country nor western oriented but I grew up in an area where such music was popular. Plus, this was a huge hit for her. No wonder; she has a lovely voice and it’s put into good effect in this song. I never considered it to sound particularly C&W. It always struck me as something from the smooth jazz milieu. Anyway, that’s my music choice and I’m sticking with it.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax. Cheers

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