Debutfloof (floofinition) – A young animal being newly introduced to an animal or human society.

In use: “A famous fictional debutfloof occurred in the The Lion King, but many found Fiona, a hippo born in the Cincinnati Zoo in 2017, an equally charming debutfloof.”


Toilet’s clogged

And your mind is bummed

The cat’s been sick

And you’re feeling a little strung


This is the way

Of life today

If it’s not one thing

It’s another damn thing

Taking you


You try to cope

With a little caffeine

Maybe some wine

To help you make

The scene

But the way you see it

Everything is really fucked


So you vow for change

And make it work

Then you clash

With some guy who’s an asshole jerk

And you decide the best you can do is stay


It’s like water

Going down the drain

All this stuff

You’re starting to feel


But what else are you going to


But that was then

And this is now

So you tell yourself

With another vow

I’m gonna make it like

Mary Tyler


And you start again

Like it’s fresh and new

As the little drops

Of morning dew

And you hope that someone

Doesn’t try to screw


It’s just a week

Another month

Another year

Of stumbling on

But one of these days

It’s gonna be


You know that in your heart

Of hearts

Or maybe that’s gas

And you just need to fart

Who knows what the hell is really going


So you work and play

And live another day

Trying to change

But it’s the same old way

Even though you say

Again and again


Wednesday’s Theme Music

Smoke blankets us. A heat dome squat over us. 102 to 114 F today. COVID-19 in our county are at their highest levels ever. Kind of puts me in the mood for “Eve of Destruction”. Too heavy handed, don’t you think? Would be like taking a howitzer to a mosquito.

Sorry, haven’t had my coffee yet. Feeling tetchy. Today is Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Sunrise came on at 6:14 AM. Sunset will be at 8:17 PM. The sunsets, watched from being windows and a smoky haze, are beautiful in their own red, hellish way. The sun glows a nuclear red. As it sets behind the hills, the red glow spreads across the sky, painting the parched, brown land in bright red tones. We could have called yesterday Redday instead of Tuesday. Yeah, not subtle. Our air quality sits at 256, the purple zone, which is very unhealthy. Advisories have been issued: it’s super hot, so don’t go outside. And it’s smoky and the air is unhealthy, so also don’t go outside. Keep your doors and windows closed. And if you do go in somewhere, wear a mask. Also, wear one outside.

Yes, the masks are making a comeback in Oregon. Not surprising. With ICUs filled and people being turned away, sixty employees of one local hospital are also COVID-19 positive. Not a fun month, August, 2021. Started out with a lot of promise and hope. Most of that’s been swallowed by heat, smoke, and COVID-19. Meanwhile, after the IPCC’s devastating report on climate change, WaPo has an opinion piece on why we shouldn’t give in to climate despair. Which of the other despairs should we give into?

All this leaves me feeling a little grungy this morning. Alice in Chains brings “Down In A Hole” (1992) to the mental concert.

Down in a hole and I don’t know if I can be saved
See my heart I decorate it like a grave
Oh, you don’t understand who they thought I was supposed to be
Look at me now I’m a man who won’t let himself be

Down in a hole, feeling so small
Down in a hole, losing my soul
I’d like to fly
But my wings have been so denied


That’s good car music, hey? Stay positive. Test negative. Wear a mask. Get the vax. Here is the music. That is all. Cheers

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