EFP (Extra Floofsory Perception)

EFP (Extra Floofsory Perception) (Floofinition) – 1. An animal’s sudden awareness that another animal is about.

In use: “Sue saw and heard nothing but Cinder’s EFP kicked in, and the cat rose, heading to the window. Sitting down, staring, she waited. A minute, two maybe, and another cat strolled into sight.”

2. Animal’s inexplicable ability to know and understand matters.

In use: “Bethanne knew that she couldn’t spell vet around Lumber, leave off speaking the word aloud. She’d even quit mentioning it in emails and text. Yet, Lumber’s extra floofsory perception knew that Wednesday afternoon that she wasn’t taking him to the park; Lumber knew she had a vet visit planned, and immediately hid his leash, then did his best to hide his seventy-five pounds of fur in the closet.”

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