The Flooftains

The Flooftains (floofinition) — Formed in 1962 in Flooflin, Irefloof, The Flooftains are a floofditional Irefloofish band. Their name is derived the book, Death of A Flooftain, by John Flooftague. The band began achieving notable international success in the early 1970s and have played with numerous musicians in several genres. Their music has been featured in films as well.

In use: “The Flooftains played at Floof Aid in 1986, a benefit concert in Irefloof organized to raise money for animals in need of help.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Hard to believe, but another Thursday is upon us. We’ll name this one Thurston. Thurston Thursday, May 6, 2021. The sun came upon us in Ashland at 6 AM exactly (give or take some seconds) and will do its vanishing act at 8:15 PM. Between those hours, we expect a few clouds (don’t see any right now, but that can change), sunshine, and highs in the seventies, a comedown from yesterday, when we struck 86.

I was checking sunrise and set in Kennebunk, Maine, where it’s 5:38 AM and 7:50 PM, respectively. I prefer our hours, where we experience more evening light. Which would you prefer?

Today’s music is brought to you by Carlos Santana and his musical group. He released “Winning” back in 1981. I thought of the song after thinking about a portion of last night’s dreams.

I had a dream
But it turned to dust
What I thought was love
That must have been lust
I was living in style
When the walls fell in
When I played my hand
I looked like a joker
Turn around
Fate must have woke her
‘Cause lady luck
She was waiting outside the door

h/t to

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax. Cheers

Today’s Dream

Recurring themes proliferate in recent dreams: traveling. Being in an airport. Lost. Confused.

I had what seemed like one long dream. If it was a movie, it would have been about the length of Gone with the Wind — three hours and forty-two minutes. It just stretched on, and all took place in an airport.

But I’m focusing on one piece. I was traveling with a group of friends, waiting for our flight. We decided to walk down as a group to a corner store to get something to eat for the flight, or while waiting for it. But, we also discussed it and decided to buy food to donate. Thinking of that, I was looking in a large drum. Full of cans, I was selecting two to buy and donate to a food bank. As I was doing that, a large group of people came in through the narrow doors behind me, pushing me forward. I ended up being shoved into another guy’s back. Though I tried not to, I couldn’t help but plowing into him, almost knocking him over.

A big guy with short ginger hair, he was wearing a yellow-print shirt. He turned on me in anger. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I was trying to apologize and explain. At the same time, I had a can in my right hand (a can of peaches, as it was). If he came at me, I was going to swing that can at his head as hard as I could, but I hoped it didn’t come to that.

It seemed likely but as he advanced, a larger man stepped up between us. “He’s already apologized,” this man said to ginger head. “It wasn’t his fault. The crowd pushed him forward. Why don’t you drop it?”

I liked that in the midst of all this, a person was stepping up to help and protect me. Ginger head moved sullenly away and the big guy went on. Then I did the same, proceeding into the next part of the dream.

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