Exflooftable (floofinition) – 1. Animal who is capable of being activated by and reacting to stimuli.

In use: “Many kittens, puppies, and other young are exflooftable, but grow out of it as they mature, so the exceptions are often considered adorable adults.”

2. People who are readily roused into action over concerns about animals.

In use: “The net is causing more people to be exflooftable as they witness heroic rescues of drowning or dying animals and decide, they, too, can be a difference.”

Detective Floof Inspector

Detective Floof Inspector (floofinition) – Animal responsible for nosing around to gather information. Such animals are often tasked by other animals to uncover details regarding a specific event or individual and report back to the larger group.

In use: “Detective Floof Inspector Tucker, long-haired, black and white — a tuxedo, in human’s color-obsessed terminology — had long been the house detective, determining what was under the house (a skunk), going out to see what was happening when Zoom exercise classes began in the dining room, investigating the humans’ laptops while they slept to learn what they’d been ordering (learning to key in the password had been incredibly difficult, and he resorted to extending claws to do so on those little keys), and going to the door to see who was arriving whenever someone knocked.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

As inexorable as the sun arriving in the east each AM, we’ve cycled into another Tuesday, labeled May 11, 2021, for official record keeping. The star known as Sol punched in at 5:54 AM and will punch out as regular as Fred Flintstone at 8:21 PM. Spring sunshine is as plentiful as green leaves and temperatures are expected to tiptoe into the upper seventies today. Lovely.

Feeling well today. During my Saturday evening hospital visit for a damn kidney stone, I was given batteries of tests to verify all is well. They keep saying things like, ‘you’re remarkably healthy.’ I always think, you should see the other guy. CT scan showed liver, gall bladder, appendix, intestines, colon, stomach, lungs, kidneys all in great shape. Blood work support those claims. So, yea, me, or more rightly, yea Mom and Dad for giving me genes that set me on the road of having good health.

Mom and Dad are still about. Dad and his siblings are all alive. Now residing in San Antonio, Texas, Dad is the oldest of that lot of five. Mom is less fortunate. Living in Pittsburgh, PA, second to youngest, she’s the sole survivor of her gang of five. Mom is 85 this year and Dad is 89. Mom had health problems over the last five years, dealing with various heart, lung, foot, and cancer issues. Now she consumes twenty meds a day but still moving. Dad had been doing well but suddenly has issues the last three years. Now he’s losing blood, uses a walker or a cane, oxygen at home for his COPD, and several care-givers coming in a few times a week. Despite several hospital stays, cameras inserted into various orifices, and lots of blood and urine work, they don’t know where the blood is going. His spirits are up, though. Dad is pretty indefatigable.

Mom and Dad divorced almost sixty years ago. They’ve arrived at this point in their lives with good partners. Dad is on his third marriage (although he lived with another three women for years) while Mom is on her sixth fellow. Mom and her fellow are not married but they live together. I’m happy they have someone growing old with them, taking care of them. I’ve seen how hard it is when you’re elderly and living alone.

I’m listening to The Clash in my head this morning. They’re singing the 1978 song, “Guns On the Roof”. Reading about the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan brought me to this song. We’re still leaving one thousand troops in there, along with contractors. We’ll also continue pursue our latest military fad, drone warfare. That brought up The Clash line, “I like to be in U.S.A. Pretending that the wars are done.” The United States is never done with war. Peace would wreck too many stock portfolios.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax. Cheers

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