Floof fart

Floof fart (floofinition) 1. Moment or incidence when an animal (especially a pet) forgets what it was doing and does something else.

In use: “The cat raised her rear leg to wash herself, but had a floof fart and began washing her face instead.”

2. Term for when a person plans to do something for an animal but forgets.”

In use: “Jill was about to feed her cats (because it was time and they were so reminding her), but had a floof fart and sat down to doomscroll for news about Trump’s defeat, forcing her felines into more drastic behavior to get their promised meal.”

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  1. 🤣🤣🤣 You’ve been spying on me!!! That is EXACTLY what happened the other day … I got out the dishes, got out a can of 9 Lives, and heard a ‘knock-knock’ from my phone, indicating a breaking news notification. So, I sat down at the computer and … had a floof fart until about 10 minutes later when Tiger Lily jumped onto my keyboard and screamed at me!

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