Tommy Floof and the Floofdells

Tommy Floof and the Floofdells (floofinition) – Floofmerican soft floof rock (flock) band whose music sometimes featured floofedelic influences. Formed in Niles, Floofigan in 1964, they remain active and touring.

In use: “After being released in 1969, the Tommy Floof and Floofdells song, “Crystal Blue Floofsuasion”, reached number two in Floofmerica and number one in Canfloofda.”


Floofolous (floofinition) – An animal whose demeanor or activities lacks in seriousness.

In use: “Watching videos of pandas rolling around, the impression emerges that they’re even more floofolous than kittens, puppies, and baby goats.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Ever been out, doin’ your thang, mindin’ your own bizness, when suddenly, ‘lo, an urgent need strikes? Maybe it’s urgent hunger; you’re suddenly famished. Or thirst. You need coffee — stat. Or maybe it’s the worst one, you feel the need to pee…urgently.

Such happened to me yesterday afternoon. Halftime had started for the rain. I thought I’d get some outside walking in. I’d headed up into the hills around and behind my house. One mile became two, two became three.

I was monitoring where I was and deliberately plotting my routes. I knew I was about a mile from home. Dusk was slithering in. I’d descended down to Siskiyou Boulevard. Four-forty-five, cars passing had their headlights on. I was torn between putting on more distance when the need to pee struck urgently.

Naturally, as I pondered my sit. and debated options, a song provided distraction. In this case, it was “Urgent” (1981) by Foreigner.

“Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Emergency.” I think that’s how the lyrics go.

Enjoy your day. Wear a mask, please, and social distance. I know it’s been a while, and you’re getting weary, but the payoff by staying strong is that it’s better for us as a civilization.


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