He was coming down the hill, and the other was going up. They were on the other side of the street from one another (social distancing, you know). As they came almost parallel, each slowed, nodded, and issued greetings.

The man going down said, “How do you like your new car?”

“My car?”

“Isn’t the white Tesla your car?”

“How’d you know?”

“I live across the street from you, down one.”

“Of course. I thought it was you. I like the car, thanks. It’s different, but we’re getting used to it. How’s your arm? Looked like you broke it?”

“I did. It’s healed, but I’m still recovering. Do you have a new cat? Gray, with mittens?”

“Yes. Her name is Nezza. She’s a rescue from the shelter.”

“She looks sweet.”

“She is. Well, have a nice walk.”

“You, too.”

As each went on their way, they thought, I should have asked him his name. They almost turned around to do so, but didn’t. Maybe on another day. After all, they’d been neighbors for a few years. What difference did a name really make?


Flooftropolitan (floofinition) – Relating to or denoting a flooftropolis, often inclusive of its surrounding areas.

In use: “The greater flooftropolitan area of Floofsburgh includes Floof Hills, Floof Borough, Wilkinsfloof, McKees Floof, Squirrel Floof, and Monfloofville, along with other places.”

The Despised Wind

The despised wind is here,

ruffling my ginger fur,

and cutting through my sunshine.

Teasing all my senses,

shaking all the fences,

and causing a great disruption.

It makes me quiver,

it makes me quake,

with the noises it does make.

Oh, the despised wind is here,

so I’m heading there,

into the house where it’s not.

The Escape Floof

The Escape Floof (floofinition) – Flooflish floof pop (floop) band formed in 1983. Active until 1992, they took a hiatus before reforming in 2009. They are currently active.

In use: “The Escape Floof’s best known hit, “Wild Wild Floof”, hit number one in Floofmerica in 1988 and was certified as a gold record.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Once again, a cat is inspiring the theme music choice.

Today’s song arrived with a cat’s request in false dawn’s weak light, “Hey, feed me.”

“Eat kibble.” He’d awakened me, so naturally, my bladder said, “Well, as long as you’re awake, you might as well get up and pee.”

I eyed the kibble bowl as I wobbled past. “There’s kibble.”

Sitting down outside the bathroom, he waited. When I came out, he gave me a look with hungry eyes. “Please, sir, I am oh so hungry.”

I sighed. “Come on, youngblood,” a nickname for Papi, my young ginger.

Oh, the joy he displayed. Tail shot up as he dashed past, purrs and mews filling the space.

So here it is, “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen, 1987. I’m probably as familiar with it as much from the movie, “Dirty Dancing”, as the radio. Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the prominent roles, “Dirty Dancing” was a large hit. We ended up with the album of songs from it, so I heard it a lot.

A Mundane Work Dream

In several ways, I deem this one of the strangest dreams I’ve recently experienced. It was literally like I was at work. My team were all there, working for me as in the early days of this century. Like that time, I was explaining some of the things I did and how it was done, instructing others to reduce mystery and increase illumination.

Nothing special. Then I was at home with my wife. I found three areas which were partially repaired. That is, the initial repairs were done, but they needed to be finished. All were regarding the walls where some damages had been inflicted. I called it out to her, asking, “What are we going to do about this? We can’t just leave this like this.”

Next, she and I were cleaning. She vacuumed the carpet with our Hoover upgright while I vacuumed the furniture with the central vac’s brush.

Then, I’d returned to work. It was a new location and I’d forgotten my coffee cup. Oh, no, I didn’t have a coffee cup! What shall I do? It was a joke with me and all my co-workers. I said, “Well, I’ll just use a foam cup (gasp, shudder), or paper, or borrow a cup, or buy a new one.” I set about doing that as a side project while greeting co-workers.

The biggest shock arrived. Lt/Capt Z, who I’d worked with for four years in the military in Germany arrived. He was completely as he was then, in his flight suit, sleeves rolled up. We each asked the other, “What’re you doing here?” We laughed and shook hands, happy to see one another.

Dream end.

I think this dream germinated with nostalgia, a sort of look back by my subconscious to more pleasant and predictable times. The wall repairs section with my wife was interesting. Looks like something is repaired but not finished. Although, the idea next that we’re, ‘cleaning up’ but going about it differently, was striking.

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