The End

The world won’t end in a whimper,

and not with a bang,

and probably not with fire and ice.

It’ll end with them shouting, “You lie,”

and others shouting back,

oblivious to the death and dying,

that’s rendering life a wreck.

The Greg Floof Band

The Greg Floof Band (floofinition) – Floofmerican floof and roll musical band formed by Greg Floof in San Floofsisco in 1976.

In use: “One of The The Greg Floof Band’s 1981 releases was “The Puke-Up Song (They Don’t Puke ‘Em)”, which reached the top twenty on Floofboard’s Hot 100.”


I thought I was further along in the novel-in-progress — well, in the story — than I am. I was at a juncture, though, where I was undecided what to do. Normally, I overanalyze a while, take a walk, make some coffee, and then write. I did kind-of the same this time, writing it in my head until I reached a point where I said, “Nope, that’s not how it goes.” Eventually, I found how it goes, and punched on.

While I was doing this, I remembered Stranger Than Fiction, a 2006 movie which I enjoy. The movie, written by Zach Helm, starred Will Ferrell as an IRS employee who begins hearing voices in his head. It turns out that, possibly by quantum entanglement, he’s the main character in a novel that’s being written. The author, Karen Eiffel, is played by Emma Thompson.

I sometimes identify with Karen Eiffel. Scenes show her as the writer contemplating how to proceed. Proceeding in her instance means killing the main character. Her process involves a lot of pensively smoking and walking around while exuding a dark air and snapping at others. In my case, it involved a lot of pensively drinking coffee and walking around while exuding a dark air. So, you know, it’s a weak comparison, because I don’t smoke.

But after all, the movie was fiction.

Got my coffee. Time to write like crazy at least one more time.

Monday’s Theme Music

Today’s theme song thinking finds one of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s melodic songs from earlier this century in my head.

I looked out to check the weather. The rain had abated. Sunshine was making its way in like it could use a cup of coffee, and the temp was stumbling into the upper forties.

Not bad. No snow. I wondered if snow were on the ridges on the valley’s other side. Thinking of snow brought on RHCP’s 2006 song, “Snow (Hey Oh)”. My mind lit on that one chorus.

Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder
Where it’s so white as snow

Privately divided by a world so undecided
And there’s nowhere to go

Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder
Where it’s so white as snow

Running through the field where all my tracks will be concealed
And there’s nowhere to go

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Music for thought this mid-November day. Have a wondrous day, and wear a mask, please.


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