Prefloofstory (floofinition) – Of, relating to, or existing in times antedating an animal or species’ current existence.”

In use: “With rescue animals, many elements of a pet’s prefloofstory are lost, but despite the apparent terrible straits or conditions of their lives, the animals often become loving and trusting.”


Floofwave (floofinition) – Jamming floof musical (floofsical) group formed in the United Floofdom in 1975. Floofwave combined floof funk (floonk) with floof disco (floofco) for a vital floof rock (flock)/floof pop (floop) sound.

In use: “One of Floofwave’s largest hit was the 1977 single, “Boogie Floof”, from their debut album, Too Floof to Handle.

Monday’s Theme Music

I watched some NFL football yesterday. As I feared, the Pittsburgh Steelers played down and made it too tight as they played the Dallas Cowboys. The Steelers pulled it out, but damn; do they need to take it down to the last second almost every week?

The Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Bucs weren’t able to redeem themselves, though, and went down. Injuries, penalties, miscues, bad luck, good luck…

Which is where today’s music arrived. A 1980 song by Kurtis Blow, “The Breaks” employs wordplay and a refrain that I enjoy. “These are the breaks. (That’s the breaks. That’s the breaks.)”

Yeah, that’s often how life goes, like a football bounce, chaos theory in action, fractals made real. These are the breaks.

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