Floof Dimension

Floof Dimension (floofinition) – 1. A measurable aspect of some kind, as seen by an animal.

In use: “Although he was a large animal, using floof dimensions, he wedged himself into the box.”

2. An existence employing spatial, temporal, and classic physics which animals know, but humans can’t comprehend.

In use: “Animals live lives of adventure in the floof dimension, often requiring them to eat and sleep more frequently in the human dimension, so that they can recharge and return to the floof dimension with fresh energy.”

3. Popular American musical floof group active beginning in the 1960s, who melded multiple musical influences to create the champagne floof sound.

In use: “Songs such as “I Wouldn’t Let You Sleep Last Night”, “Empty Bowl Blues”, and “Aquarius/Let the Cat Out”, kept the Floof Dimension atop the hit list.”

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