Flooficated (floofinition) – A human, housepet, or animal devoted to another animal, housepet, or person.

In use: “As soon as the kitten, Taxi, was introduced to the dog, Snickers, Snickers became flooficated, guarding every movement, washing every body part, sharing his warmth, and attending Taxi’s noises to ensure the ginger cat was okay.”

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  1. I have been flooficated ever since I was a very young child … less than a year old … and was flooficated by an Airedale named Martini. Since then, over the past 68 years, I have been further flooficated by the likes of Gomer, Spooky, Tofu, Orange, Pickles, Shadow, and many others too numerous to name. To be flooficated is not a bad thing, mind you … it results in enormous amounts of love.


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