Floofigans (floofinition) – a noisy young housepet who causes trouble.

In use: “A loud crash in the kitchen brought a sigh to Keri’s lips and the question that she’d been asking a lot since acquiring the young cat, “What are you doing now, you little floofigan?” A moment later, said floofigan trotted out of the kitchen, graced her with a wide-eyed look, issued an adamant meow of denial, put its tail up and ran to her. Exasperated as she was, she had to smile as the feline leaped onto her lap, kneaded her thigh, and purred.”


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  1. This is funny and I assume that it might only pertain to gatos. I could be wrong but I haven’t seen or heard a dog yet demand as much attention or get into as much trouble as a cat. My imaginary cat Charlie “Bruiser” O’Houlihan opens all and I do mean ALL the cabinet doors at night, and then he just lies there in the middle of the kitchen like “What? You aren’t using the cabinet doors anyway so why the angry face?”

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  2. It doen’t always change when they get older, either. The “kittens” are eight years old, and they still engage in floofigan behavior on a regular basis, especially IttyBitty with her morning yodels, Greybaby with her slapping at cabinet doors to see if a mouse will emerge, or Doodlecat with his howls to be given a drink from the faucet noooooowwwwwww! (haha, just kidding, wasn’t thirsty, just wanted to see if you’d get out of bed and turn on the water).

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    1. Wow, what a group. Love those names and antics. I can imagine their expressions as they do some of these things. Some of my cats never abandoned their early floofigan behavior, but a couple became very dignified and quite doing the things that so entertained me. Gingerboy still continues his infatuation with running water. Whenever water is turned on, he hurries in to jump up and watch it. Does he want to drink? No. Just watch. Guess he’s a floofyer.

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