Brace Yourself

Brace yourself. It’s time for another first world rant. This time it’s about my car.

It’s a lovely SUV, a Mazda CX-5 that I’ve had three plus years. One of its many features is that it reminds me when maintenance is required. This vehicle requires more maintenance than any car I’ve ever owned, which includes Porsches, BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, Chevys, Nissan, other Mazdas, and Fords. Although the car is comfortable and reliable, this constant maintenance thing pisses me off.

So that’s number one. But here comes the reminder. Once it decides that maintenance is required, the message in orange is displayed whenever the car is started.

Here is what pisses me off. That thing is so inaccurate. The good Mazda people put a little sticker on the windshield, too, so I know exactly when it’s supposed to be returned for maintenance. According to it, my car should go back for maintenance by January 10, 2019, or by 33,000 miles, whichever is comes first.

My car has 30,000 miles. According to MY calendar, it’s not yet December, let alone January of 2019.

Yeah, it’s a nice feature. Too bad it doesn’t work. Makes you wonder about the rest, doesn’t it?


I was having drinks with a friend the other night. Frank is fully twenty-three years older than me, putting him in his mid-eighties. A retired professor and writer, he’s good company.

So it wasn’t surprising that we were ribbing each other and laughing when he suddenly sneezed and loudly farted. My reaction was to ask, “Frank, are you all right?”

“You notice that?” he said. “I did four things simultaneously.”

Before I could think more or speak, he said, “I laughed, sneezed, farted, and peed all at the same time. Now that’s multi-tasking.” Standing, he added, “Excuse me. I need to go to the restroom.”

Mind over matter.

I came by Viktor Frankl’s book via quality management in the Air Force. I’d been trained as a facilitator, and then an instructor, teaching other facilitators and instructors. “Man’s Search for Meaning” brought powerful insights into the part of quality Air Force known as creating a vision. People are fearful of failing. Even after accepting that failure is necessary to succeed on an intellectual level, people often find themselves paralyzed by fear of failure on an emotional level. The baggage we accrue is heavy, and letting go is difficult. I struggle with it all the time. Fortunately, I entertain myself as I struggle, but then, I’m easily entertained.

Thriving Under Pressure


When the going gets tough do you focus on the dream or the sacrifice?

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor Frankl

Boost your motivation and raise your energy by laser focusing on what is within your control during challenge and adversity — Your Mindset

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Brinkfloofship (floofintion) – a housepet’s practice of pushing an uncomfortable or undesirable situation or confrontation to the limit to force a desired outcome

In use: “Tail swishing, the little cat stalked the old Tom despite the latter’s growls, taking its brinkfloofship to levels not seen before and the house, and prompting the German Shepherd to intervene to keep the peace.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Today’s theme music comes via Patriot on Amazon. I’ve been watching the first year. I enjoy the underplayed, minimalist, absurdist show, but its opening theme song caught my attention. I felt that I knew it but I didn’t know anything about it.

Wikipedia provided the needed details. “Train Song” by Vashti Bunyan. Originally released in 1966, I thought I knew it from that era, but found that it could have been from exposure as its use in Reebok ads or “True Detective”. Whichever the route, I find it haunting and sweet. In an aside, I discovered Vashti Bunyan has been called the “Godmother of Freak Folk.” Would that be Frock?

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