Wednesday’s Theme Music

This isn’t and wasn’t my preferred listening music. I blame it on the modern office environment where people listen to their own music. They generally need to keep the volume turned down or wear headphones because they’re working in cubicles. I was fortunate because I had an office, so my music was a bit louder. However, I’d walk out, and here is this song playing. Then, hearing it, I said, “What’s that?”

Responding, the music was turned up, and people began doing the dance. This was 1996 in America, people. The song is a little ditty called “Macarana” (Bayside Boys). The song was sweeping the world, even making it to the Democratic National Convention, where Al Gore joked about it.

These things sometimes happen.  Nothing wrong with the song, but it’s not to my taste. But, it’s in my stream today, and I need to get it out.

Over to you.



Floofcenary (floofinition) – housepets who are obsequious and loving for sordid advantage; a greedy housepet

In use: “The floofcenary beasts loved on him when he was home, but as soon as his wife came home, they all clambered on her for treats, love, and attention.”

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