The Days

It happened on a Monday

I thought it was a Sunday

not the change I sought

When it came Thursday

it was supposed to be Tuesday

the man told me, that’s what I’d bought

I hunted Friday and found Saturday

a tattered day if I ever knew one

So I hung onto Wednesday

the only real friendly day

drunk like another day doesn’t matter.

The Animals

One cat hissed at another. The other responded with a wail. Tails went down. Assuming combat stances, they circled one another.

“Stop,” the man said, “going past them. I don’t need this today. You two have lived together for over two years. When are you going to stop acting like animals?”


Bifloofisan (floofinition) – an effort or decisionĀ involving the agreement or cooperation of at least two housepets that usually oppose one another’s agendas.

In use: “Mounting a bifloofisan effort, the cats stopped their fighting to harass Peter until he finally got out of bed and fed them, even though it was three in the morning.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Thinking of many things today, and from that morass streamed an old Tom Petty song.

Many consider “Breakdown” (1977) to be the Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ breakout song. It’s a mellow, reflective sound with some edges, a sweet and weary reflection of love and trying. I prefer the live version included inĀ An American Treasure.




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