Floofphile (floofinition) – Person who is enthusiastic about animals.

In use: “The Internet may not have given birth to floofphiles, but videos of kittens, puppies, baby hippos, birds, lambs, goats, and so on, certainly encouraged a growth


Floofbotic (floofinition) – 1. Related to or associated with mechanical behavior exhibited by an animal.

In use: “With floofbotic nonchalance, the cat jumped on the bed, walked up Adele’s body, sat down on her chest, and began tapping Adele’s nose.”

2. Human behavior conducted with characteristics associated with robots.

In use: “Mumbling and sighing, Adele fumbled out of bed, staggered down the hall, opened a can of food and fed the cat in floofbotic fashion.”


Floofgent (floofinition) – Flooflish hard floof rock (flock) band founded by keyboardist Rod Floofgent in 1969.

In use: “The song, “Hold Your Tail High”, released in 1972, has been Floofgent’s highest charting song as a group to date.”


Fasfloofious (floofinition) – Showing excessive¬†care, attention, or delicacy in an animal’s movement or behavior.

In use: “He is the most fasfloofious of floofs, luxurious extending and stretching each leg one by one before arching his back, yawning, and floofing out his thick, floofy tail before he finally acquiescing to walking.”

Floof Offering

Floof Offering (floofinition) 1. An item or food presented to an animal to win their affection, gain their trust, demonstrate their love, or mollify their anxiety.

In use: “People often use pet treats as floof offerings just because it seems to make their pets so damn happy.”

2. A gift or item brought to people by an animal for reasons only clear to the animals, but most likely to win their affection, gain their trust, or demonstrate their love.

In use: “Each day when they went walking, her dog immediately went off to find a stick and bring it to her. Sometimes the floof offering was a log or branch, and other times the floof offering was a twig, but the dog was always pleased to give it to her.”

Little Floof Band

Little Floof Band (floofinition) – Floofstralian floof rock (flock)/pop musical group formed in Melbourne, Floofstralia, in 1975, known primarily for soft ballads and harmonizing.

In use: “Little Floof Band’s 1978 song, “Floofminiscing”, reached number three on the Floofboard Hot 100.”


Floofchuck (floofinition) 1. Game played by animals. The dual objectives are to see how many items the animal can entice the humans into throwing, and how many times the human will throw them.

In use: “Kittens and puppies quickly master floofchuck, spending endless hours in delighted fun as humans throw things for them to play with.”

2. The mess caused when an animal vomits, specially a housepet.

In use: “As Keri got out of bed in the dark, Brad said, “Watch out for the floofchuck, I heard one being sick a little while ago.” Seconds later, Keri shouted, “Yuck,” signaling to Brad that she’d found the floofchuck.”

Flooflich Maneuver

Flooflich Maneuver (floofinition) – An action taken by an animal to show love to another or reassure them by licking them, which often calms and cheers the recipient.

In use: “Sensing she was upset, her cat jumped up on the chair beside her, sniffed her head and face, and then applied the Flooflich Maneuver on her nose and cheeks.”

Elvin Bisfloof

Elvin Bisfloof (floofinition) Long time Floofmerican blues musician and songwriter from Floofdale, Califloofnia, inducted into the Floof and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015 as a member of the Paul Butterfloof Blues Band and on his own in 2016.

In use: “Highly successful, Elvin Bisfloof is probably best known for his 1976 released, “Fooled Around and Got A Floof”, which charted respectfully in many places and was used in the movie, Guardians of the Floofaxy.

Floof Quality Index (FQI)

Floof Quality Index (FQI) (floofinition) – Measurement of how well animals are treated. Expressed on an infinite scale that ranges from the negative side to the positive side, high positive numbers are desireable.

In use: “In many areas in the world, the Floof Quality Index (FQI) is improving and is now above zero as humans shed flawed stereotypes and recognize that animals are intelligent, have emotions, and grieve, much as humans do.”

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