Floofstruck (floofinition) – 1. To become completely enamored with an animal.

In use: “As soon as he saw the big old Great Pyrenees sitting on the floor, panting, tongue drooping from his mouth like a rug being aired, he was floofstruck. There was no question that he and this dog were meant to be.”

2. To be startled or astonished by an animal.

In use: “Four AM, a massive meow lifted Jill out of a deep slumber. Turning on the light, she was floofstruck by a small tabby — she didn’t have a cat!”


Biflooflent (floofinition) – Animals associated in pairs.

In use: “With two dogs, three cats, and a bird, the large male cat and little parakeet were an odd but loyal biflooflent set, always together napping, bathing, peering out windows, and eating. The bird was even with the cat in the litter box.”

Old Kibbles Blues

Old floof song, usually sung at night, often to the tune of a “I’m A Floof”.

Five o’clock in the morning,

‘bout more than a hour ‘fore dawn.

I’m staring in my food dish.

My kibble’s half gone.

Starvation is standing beside me.

It’s not a good place to be.

All I want is some kibble.

Why do they torture me?

Whoa, I got the kibbles,

I got the old kibbles blues.

If you had to eat ol’ kibbles,

You’d have the old kibbles blues, too.

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