Gigantofloof (floofinition) – A very large animal.

In use: “Although size is relative among species and breeds, families, etc., most people seeing Logan, aka Moose, thought, wow, what a gigantofloof, especially when his tiny mother cat was beside him.”


Floofgressor (floofinition) – Animal who breaks rules or violates boundaries.

In use: “Mitzi was a new kitten in the house and an immediate floofgressor, climbing on everything, jumping where she shouldn’t be, looking and acting so damn cute that they never disciplined her.”


Floofship (floofinition) – 1. A title of respect used to address an animal of regal manner or high standing.

In use: “Three cats shared the home with four days but only one cat was always addressed as ‘Your Floofship’ in recognition of her status within the floofhold.”

2. The state of affectionate companionship between animal and human, or between two or more animals.

In use: “Jennifer’s children had grown and begun their own families, and she’d been twice divorced, but now she found floofship with her dog, Uhtred, to be a most rewarding experience.”

3. A vessel or conveyance animals use to travel.

In use: “Every new moon, a floofship landed on Earth, delivering new animals to the planet, and taking others away for those ready to leave. So it had been since the first dinosaurs used a floofship to leave when they learned an asteroid was going to hit Earth over sixty-six million years ago.”


Floofvericate (floofinition) – Telling a small lie to an animal, especially a pet.

In use: ‘She carefully opened a bag in the kitchen, trying not to make any noise, but the plastic material crinkled. Within seconds, the dog poked his head around the kitchen wall and looked in. “This isn’t food,” she floofvericated, hiding the chips. “It’s cleaning supplies.”‘


He wagged his tail

And said hello

And jumped up to give him a kiss

Licking his face

Maybe getting a taste

Or showing what he’d missed

Then they walked

Side by side

Striding like two equals

A man and his dog

A dog and his man

Simple souls

Happy people

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