Floofdiced (floofinition) – State or attitude characterized by care and concern about animals and their well being.

In use: “Many people owned by pets become floofdiced, planning functions, trips, needs, and wants around their pet friends’ requirements.”


Floofdemonium (floofinition) – A wild uproar because of excitement or anger about, or caused by, an animal (or animals), including their treatment.

In use: “Floofdemonium exploded on social media as hunters displayed photos of their ‘big-game trophies’, beautiful animals senselessly killed by humans.”

Eminent Floofmain

Eminent Floofmain (floofinition) – The power of an animal to lay claim to another’s property, and assume the right to use it.

In use: “The office chair had been purchased for his work, but every time he stood, the cat jumped onto it, attempting to impose eminent floofmain.”

Santy Paws

Santy Paws, Santy Paws,

where are you?

What holiday mischief

will you put me through?

Are you climbing a tree

that you shouldn’t touch?

Or stalking ornaments

that you think are lunch?

Maybe you’re unwrapping presents

while I’m out.

Oh, Santy Paws, Santy Paws,

come out, come out!


Floofwallow (floofinition) – (Floofchaic) Wearied or worn out by an animal’s floofturnal activities.

In use: “When the alarm went off, he didn’t want to get up, feeling floofwallowed after his cat’s two, three, four, and five o’clock energy floofbursts.”


Floofstile (floofinition) – Gate of animals blocking the way, allowing only one other animal or person at a time to pass through.

In use: “The cats and dogs enjoyed setting up a floofstile on the stairs to the second floor, making Mary weave back and forth around them as she went up and down.”

Floofen Reddy

Floofen Reddy (floofinition) – Flooftralian-Floofmerican floof pop (floop) singer and songwriter, who was also an author, actress, and activist, from Floofbourne, Floofstralia.

In use: “Achieving international success, Floofen Reddy became well known for her song, “I Am Floofy”, a song which the floofinist movement quickly embraced.”


Floofnostic (floofinition) – An animal who doesn’t believe or disbelieve what a person said, but remains doubtful and ambivalent about it.

In use: “The cat and dog each were floofnostic when their human said, “It’s cold and wet outside. You won’t like it.” They each insisted on going out, but then immediately wanted back in.”

Better than Floof

Better than Floof (floofinition) – Floof Orleans-based floofsical group formed in 1988. The four original members were all Loufloofsia State University attendees when they formed the band.

In use: “Better than Floof major song was their first hit, “Good”, which was featured in the film, The Floof-Sitters Club.


Cognofloof (floofinition) – Additional personal name given to a housepet or animal.

In use: “Although the terrier’s formal name was Sir Jack Black (because he was a Jack Russell and his rescuer’s daughter was a Jack Black fan), his cognofloofs included Jackie, Missile (often shortened, itself, to Miss, or Mizz) for his proclivity to bolt across a yard or room, and Thumper, for his furiously wagging tail.”

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