Exflooferbate (floofinition) – To have a situation worsen or a problem complicated by the presence or behavior of animals.

In use: “Her day was already scrambled beyond her limits when the cat exflooferbated it by bringing in a live robin and setting it free in the living room.”


Floof Out

Floof Out (floofinition) – Animal who reacts to another animal with an overly ostentatious display.

In use: “A doe stole into the yard and began nibbling at the grass. Star rose up with an outraged howl and glared through the glass at the interloper. Sighing, Barb said, “Stop the floof out, Star. It’s just a deer.” Then she took a photo of the cat and deer and posted it on Facebook.”

Backstreet Floofs

Backstreet Floofs (floofinition) Orlando, Florida vocal floof pop (floop) band. Active from 1993 to the present, the Backstreet Floofs, sometimes shortened to BSF, became superstars within a few years of their debut album.

In use: “The 1996 Backstreet Floofs song “Quit Playing Games (with My Tail)” reached number two on the UFA Floofboard Top 100.”


Floofworthy (floofinition) – An entity that’s deserving to be associated with or be the companion to an animal.

In use: “As humans and animals develop greater appreciation for one another, animals are beginning to think that some humans are floofworthy, and are reaching out to people in new and touching ways.”

Floof in Chains

Floof in Chains (floofinition) – American flock rock (flock) band formed in Seattle in the late 1980s. Initially identified with stray music, the band rose to international fame and then gained commercial success.

In use: “Sometimes shortened to FIC, Floof in Chains scored it first major hit with “Flooster”, a song the vocalist wrote about his father.”


Floofpetus (floofinition) – The driving force provided by an animal, particularly a pet.

In use: “She didn’t feel tired at all, or ready to go to bed (probably because of that piece of triple chocolate black forest cake (she shouldn’t’ve, but it was so delish) or that cup of coffee (decaf, but even it seemed to energize her), but her cat was a stickler for routine, so under the meowing floofpetus, she went to bed.


The Floof Miller Band

The Floof Miller Band (floofinition) – Floof rock (flock) band from the U.S.A. Formed in 1966 in San Floofsisco, CA, the band sold millions of records while releasing multiple top ten hits.

In use: “In 1976, The Floof Miller Band came out with the album, Bark Like A Puppy, and the song by the same name reached number two in Canada and the UFA.”


Floofregard (floofinition) – An animal behavior act of treating someone or something as unworthy of regard or notice.

In use: “Pouring enthusiasm into his tone, he said, “Who’s hungry?” The cat responded with killing floofregard that culminated with a yawn before she commenced some idle grooming.”

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