Summing It Up

I finished editing and revising An Undying Quest. I didn’t think I’d finish it in 2018 but by ignoring time and doing nothing else, I did, without rushing or being hasty.

The ending satisfied me. I think the five books are sufficient for the Incomplete States series.

I want to write The Final Time. Coming to me as a collateral concept to Incomplete States as I finished writing the first five books, I wanted to explore it, and began writing it. I understand that urge — I write to think, and it was a tantalizing concept, so I wanted to know what I think about it and how it develops– but I now know that the series itself doesn’t need it. I can write it later as a sequel, if I want to do that.

So many collateral stories, tangents and sequels can be written from this series and explored. Because, like other writers have discovered, and I discovered for myself, we take a slice of existence and ideas, explore and populate them, and decide where we begin and end the story, but it’s all bit arbitrary. It’s something that comes to intellectually and emotionally satisfy the urge that prompted me to write it, that now satisfies me as a reader as I finish editing it.

So, I’m done. I have a first draft of the five books of the series. In the rosy afterglow of writing, editing, and revising the books, I feel satisfied with where I’ve gone and where I landed.

Other steps are required for publication, like proper editing. As other writers know, this glorious mess is probably still a bit of a mess. I’ll address them on another day. For now, I’ll relax and rejoice about what I’ve done and what I have.

As a favorite writer’s character once said, “Goodbye and hello, as always.”

That pretty well sums it up.

Winding Down…

It’s not really winding day, but a pause, isn’t it?

I speak for myself. Immersing myself in reading, researching, and writing, I often pay scant attention to days passing, preferring to think in terms of how much writing has progressed, and what’s left. I’m pausing for New Year’s Eve and Day, mostly because my wife wants to celebrate it, places are closed for this thing called a holiday, and stagnant air and freezing fog undermine my spirit. The net of those laborious sentences is that I’m pausing for a day.

You guys out there in blogger land give me fabulous support. Reading about your projects, ideas, lives, setbacks, hopes, frustrations, and takes on life — humorous and otherwise — is tremendously helpful for me. In our secret but public blogging world, we discover that we’re not as alone as we think, that many of us share the same despair and frustration, that dreams are sometimes achieved, that others are cheering for us, and that ordinary non-famous people are often pretty damn amazing and talented.

I always say that we live and exist on multiple spectrums. In a large sense, our spectrum of experiences helps us create our identity, explore our existence, and expand our knowledge. These blogs you all write and share help others expand their spectrums, if they choose to explore.

Thanks for opening up and sharing. Hope you all have a creative and successful year in 2019 and beyond.



After watching Marvel Avengers: Infinity War last night, I was thinking about a new superhero.

I called him Catman. Catman came to be when a terrorist detonated a small nuclear bomb. Employing their quantum skills, his pets — five cats — saw the event about to happen through their quantum vision (yes, they can see a few seconds into the future). Covering him with their bodies, they transported him via their telekinetic skills into another dimension that was like his own. However, they were a little tardy, escaping as the nuke went off.

Thus, Catman came to be in a new dimension with feline quantum skills and a changed personality and appearance.

Yes, there was wine involved in my musing, but I swear it was only one glass.

Well, maybe two.

Rough Diamonds

I’d hoped to have finished editing An Undying Quest, the fifth novel in the Incomplete States series by yesterday. Only two chapters, forty pages remained three days ago.

Issues were encountered. The chapters suffered from being the last ones written. As the final chapters, they’d not been polished, edited, and revised as the others had. They were raw, beta chapters. They needed work.

Among the issues encountered were a brief POV change and a few matters of grammar and punctuation. Dialogue needed tidying, but most critically, details were needed.

I love reading details in novels. I think they often add immense value. That’s how I tend to write, then. Not in the beta draft, though.

In writing’s first rush, I capture scenes and action, coloring in broad, fast strokes. It’s an intense rush. They’re here, they’re there, they did this, and then that, which resulted in this, but unexpectedly —

The writing is bang, bang, bang, bang. Even when they’re action scenes, more is required after that first rush to help the scenes breath and flow together. Sometimes changes are required to adjust to the characters’ past, and sometimes continuity matters exist.

I instantly realized that I’d not polished the chapters. The difference was clear because the reading cadence was mildly askew. That realization tempered my approach. I read both chapters completely before doing anything except fixing the most basic errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Everything else was left untouched until I knew the entire picture. After reading them, I’d established strong ideas about what to addressed, and then began reading, revising, and editing the chapter again.

So, An Undying Quest isn’t fini yet. I’d hoped to complete it by Christmas, and then by the end of the year. That may still happen today. I won’t rush it. I don’t want to be hasty or lazy. Number one, I enjoy the process. Number two, I don’t want to sabotage myself for such a silly, random idea as a self-imposed deadline.

Time to edit and write like crazy, at least one more time in 2018.


Floofphony (floofinition) – consonance of sounds made by housepets via barking, mewing, purring, growling, hissing, yipping, chirping, and squeaking.

In use: “With his unexpected arrival home in the middle of the day because of the holiday, the dogs began a floofphony that the cats and bird joined.”


I don’t recall any dreams from last night. Even when I don’t post about my dreams, I usually remember multiple scenes, if not entire dreams. (Or, maybe I convince myself that I remember them, and the muses feed details to fill in the vacuum.) After days of often chaotic, stormy dreams that battered my psyche, experiencing this lack of dreams calms and relaxes me.

It’s weird, though. I’m accustomed to waking up and processing dreams. Not having them to process leaves me with a lot of free time. It’s like finishing a large project and then looking around and saying, now what?


Monday’s Theme Music

A simple song today, streaming an old favorite. This came out in ’72, when I was just getting my driver’s license, still in high school, and living with dad. Don’t know what kicked it into the stream this morning, but I’ve always liked its sound and energy.

Let’s enjoy some Led Zeppelin with “Rock and Roll”. Rock out 2018, rock in 2019.




Floofjectory (floofinition) – a housepet’s path to chase a toy, another animal, or to be fed.

In use: “He knew from experience that the five cats’ floofjectories were intercept courses to cut him off, get around his legs, and rub against his calves and shins while meowing and purring until he changed directions and headed for their food.”

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