Floofvitational (floofinition) – an exclusive event centered around housepets.

In use: “Dinner was a floofvitational as the cats, dogs, and bird jostled for their part of the evening repast. Having another human in, even if she was a date and potential mate, put a damper on this day’s floofvitational as the animal retreated from the stranger, except for Penny. Penny was always ready to eat and didn’t care who else was there, as long as he got his share.”

So You Want To Be A Writer

Bob tells it all. Writing novels may not be the dream planned, but I still have fun with it. To writing forever.

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So you ‘re thinking that writing would be a great gig; you would be your own boss, forget
“The Man,” and make a bunch of money. All you’d have to do is make up stories, which would be sorta like lying, the talent you used to have with your Mom when she figured you were scoring weed from the guy down the street, or getting baked on beer in your rich friend’s basement suite.

But you’ve grown up now, and this is what you’ve discovered about writing for a living.

  • Sure, you can make money, and you don’t need a college degree. You just have to be talented. But after talking to some teachers and professional writers they pointed you to, you discovered that, yes you can make money, but there are long hours in doing so. And the intake is uneven; great while out hustling your book, pitiful…

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Friday’s Theme Music

Good morning. Welcome to the latest edition of Overthinking Song Lyrics. 

Today’s show is about the Alicia Keys’ song, “Girl On Fire” (2012).

Alicia Keys is a remarkable talent, and we enjoy her many songs and skills here at the Overthinking Institute. To be fair, she’s one of three co-writers on the song, the others being Jeff Bhasker and Salaam Remi. We’d be remiss to not mention that Billy Squier has a writing credit on the song, as it’s based in some aspects on a previous song that he wrote.

The following verses trouble us at the Overthinking Institute:

She got both feet on the ground
And she’s burning it down
Ohhhh oh oh oh oh
She got her head in the clouds
And she’s not backing down
This girl is on fire

Read more: Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire Lyrics | MetroLyrics

To us, if she has both feet on the ground, what is she burning down? One would presume she’s burning down the ground that she stands upon. Indeed, if that’s the case, it’s no wonder she’s on fire. One must also ask, can you burn the ground down?

But to continue, having her head in the clouds brings to thought a person who’s not engaged with reality. It’s then disturbing that she’s not backing down, burning it down, and she’s on fire. I worry for her state of mind.

“Girl On Fire” achieved notable success and critical claim, and is a quite memorable ballad. Nevertheless, these seem like some troubling lyrics. Our colleagues over at the Just Get Over It Institute tell us to just get over it.

You tell us: are we making too much of this here at Overthinking?

Good day.



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