Sunday’s Theme Music

Gonna tell you a story

About a woman I know.

When it comes to lovin’

She steals the show.

Ain’t exactly pretty,

Ain’t exacty small.

Forty-two, thirty-nine, fifty-six,

You could say she’s got it all.

Yes, it’s time for a little AC/DC live. I like the live show’s energy. As for the song, I like that they’re singing about a big woman, and they like her for her bigness, along with other matters. 

As a side comment, I want to note that I wanted those lyrics to be one paragraph, and single-space. WordPress didn’t agree and imposed its will. I reverted to Word, wrote it out, started a new doc, and pasted it in. 

And WordPress imposed its will about how it thinks it should like, which pisses me off. So I went back to Classic editor 

And guess what? Yeah. They’re making me work too hard for just a little post.

Rebel, Rebel

As I was dressing today, I decided to wear brown shoes.

Like many people — not — my shoes choice drives my attire. As my grandmother used to say, “Start at the feet, and dress up.” (She didn’t.)

Season, weather, and plans drive my shoe choice. I’ve found that I’m uncomfortable in sandals in the fall and winter, usually because the day starts out nippy and doesn’t get warm. I’m not much of a sandal person anyway. 

Which takes me to the brown shoes. 

Once I decided to wear brown shoes, the pants and shirt were easy, since it was cool, forty degrees, sunny, with sixty-two degrees anticipated as the high. Since I was wearing brown shoes, I needed a brown belt, right?

Time out. Wait. Hang on. 

Why did I need a brown belt?

Because that’s how I’ve been socialized, normalized, and conditioned. Brown shoes, brown belt. I heard it from Mom, wife, girlfriends, and others. It’s like, why? WTF difference does it make? 

So guess what this rebel did?

If you guessed that I put on black shoes and a black belt, you’re wrong. I’m wearing a black belt with brown shoes. 

Yeah, pretty far out, right?

I’m such a rebel.


Philofloofnia (floofinition) – friendship to animals, or welcoming to animals, most especially housepets.

In use: “The species didn’t matter, as he extended his philofloofnia to everything encountered, from birds to bears, leading to more than a few frightening encounters.”

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