Monday’s Theme Music

For no particular reason other than that I like this song, I was just streaming this and singing it aloud while I was doing things in the house the other day, and thought I’d put it up as today’s theme music.

Here’s Chris Rea’s “Road to Hell” (1989).

Some Dreams

I spy little dreams

secreted behind the schemes

coming and going today


Little dreams

hiding in the dark

fearing the people

that break them apart


Some dreams

aren’t meant to be

but who could say which one


Some dreams 

are down to essentials


I just want to live

and find love


Floofmato (floofinition) – a painting technique for mimicking an area beyond what the human eye is focusing on to what housepets such as cats, dogs, and birds see.

In use:¬†“Her ability to blur the lines between human and animal perceptions, as her floofmato technique demonstrated, brought many to think of her part animal herself.”

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