Floofography (2)

Floofography (2)  (floofinition) – knowing where your cat or dog housepet likes to sit or lie. (see also floofography)

In use: “He checked the floofography before turning off the lights, noting everyone’s position, confirming all were in and safe, but also lessening the chance that he might inadvertently step on on or trip over them.”


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  1. It should be noted that some cats, if they realize you’re trying to learn their favorite places to hang out, will deliberately do something to confuse you. For example, Calliope — calico cat with quite un-subtle fur — uses her cattish stealth field to become invisible even when sitting in the middle of the couch… or the middle of the floor. This prevents all three human-like people in the house from learning Callie’s favorite “lurky-spots.”

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