Floofquake (catfinition) – shaking caused by a house pet’s activities.

In use: “Leaning against the sliding closet doors, the big black and white cat groomed with apoplectic energy, as though disgusted that his white ruff wasn’t the whitest of whites, causing a floofquake that rattled the closet doors.”


Tuesday’s Theme Music

A nostalgia stream is flooding me today. First it pushed me to consider old television shows, then I began googling places where I used to live, using the street view to remember those childhood places.

Music then came up. While I was discovering rock, pop and its bubblegum variations were very active, with a presence from groups such as the Osmonds and the Jackson 5. When “ABC” and “One Bad Apple” were big on the radio airwaves, I read a newspaper article in the Pittsburgh Press about whether Michael Jackson or Jimmy Osmond would have a successful singing career after their voices changed.

So, in memory, here’s “ABC” from 1970 on ABC’s American Bandstand with Dick Clark.


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