Wednesday’s Theme Music

Still slipstreaming on a nostalgia stream, I sang along to this 1969 hit. Released by Tommy James and the Shondells (I always wondered what a Shondell was), “Crystal Blue Persuasion” triggered some controversy during its time on the charts. Some believed that it was promoting or popularizing using crystal meth or a blue LSD that was popular at the time. I later read that it was inspired by the Bible!

Hah! Go figure.


Spelling Error

I took a cat quiz this morning and aced it. They said my result was meow-nificent.

That, I thought, is not how that’s spelled. It’s mewnificent.

A little research, though, revealed to me that mewguists say those are regional differences, and both are correct.


Floofdar (catfinition) – a cat or dog’s ability to detect another animal’s presence that evades human awareness.

In use: “Something apparently triggered Flash’s floofdar, for awakening and rising, she trotted to the window sill and peered out. Whatever she saw prompted her to issue a low warning growl. Nan, watching and listening, said, “How did you know something was there? You were dead asleep.” She got up to see what triggered her cat’s floofdar.”

The First Edition Act

This dream was in three acts. All acts are clear and memorable, but I’m only writing about a few scenes in the second act regarding a book.

I was in a classroom with seven others. It was the last day and we were almost finishing up. I’d been taken by the subject, about making improvements in how I live, as were my classmates. We’d become a close group, but after days of all-day classes, the classroom was messy.

Close to the final hour, we took a break. Two people came in. One was a cleaning person, a female, and the other was a young man. The young man was collecting books to send to a poor town in another country. In very high spirits, I helped the cleaning person, and then I helped the young man. They left. After a few more minutes, class was ready to resume.

When I went back to my seat, I discovered my copy of the book gone. I realized it must have gone with the young man and rushed out of the classroom to find him and retrieve my book.

The classroom was in a huge building and crowded with people. I hurried along, looking for the fellow and asking others if they’d seen him and where he’d gone. After some of this, a friend, Brent, told me that he’d seen the man leave by a side door several minutes before. I hurried there where another person said yes, the guy had been there, and he’d just driven off in his truck.

Upset, I wandered back toward my classroom, but I was obsessed. I wanted to keep the book for future use. Knowing that others had taken the course, I walked around to see if I could find another copy of it.

Dark blue, soft bound, with its title in yellow letters, I did find other copies of it. Some belonged to friends, and they were keeping the book. Nobody had an extra. I saw it alone on people’s desk a few times and thought about stealing those books, but that’s not something that I would do.

Continuing on my quest to find a copy, I entered a large work office. Everyone there was busy, and looked up when I entered. Embarrassed, I tried to slip through the classroom by staying close to the perimeter and get out without drawing too much attention or being an interruption. But doing that required me to pass the woman who was in charge. Calling me by name, she asked what I was doing.

I was impressed and pleased that she knew me by my name, as she was someone important in the company, so I told her had happened. Sympathizing, she offered me her copy of the book, and told me to keep it.

Her worn copy was black and smaller. As I declined taking it, I opened it and realized it was a signed first-edition. “I can’t take this, it’s a signed first edition.”

The woman waved me off. “Take it, it’s yours.”

After so more of similar back and forth, I left with the book. Outside the office, I stood in the hall to consider the prize that’d been given to me.

End of act.

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