Catstar (floofinition) – a feline who serves as a model, guide, or inspiration.

Synonyms: floofstar, lodestar

In use: “The three-day-old kitten was mewing for food and attention, refusing to give up, becoming Cristiano’s catstar. Picking up the kitten and stroking her belly, he said to her as much as him, “I, too, will not give up.””

Tuesday’s Theme Music

“And the love that I feel is so far away. I’m a bad dream that I just had today. And you shake your head and say, it’s a shame.”

Jethro Tull’sĀ Thick As A BrickĀ album was released in 1972. Sixteen years old, I bought it on vinyl and wore it out playing it. Listening to this concept album last night – concept albums were big in those years – it reminds me of some of the era’s Yes and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer music — or they remind me of Jethro Tull. Like most art, it’s a continuum of exploration and imagining, building on what’s heard and done.

“But your wise men don’t know how it feels, to be thick as a brick.”

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