Floofstream (floofinition) – 1. The ideas, behavior, or attitudes that are regarded as normal or conventional for animals.

In use: “Floofstream beliefs (or was it baseless myth?) claimed the dogs and cats should be at one another, but her dogs and cats turned that belief on its head with their partnerships. Several of the cats even seemed to like the dogs better than other cars. No doubt, they seemed to like the dogs better than her, too, except when it was time to eat.”

2. The dominant trend in animal society.

In use: “As the idea that humans could be trusted, and even exploited to their advantage became more floofstream, animals began searching for new ways to improve animal-human relationships and build their partnership.”


Eufloofic (floofinition) – Feelings marked by a feeling of peace, joy, and happiness when you’re with an animal.

In use: “Settling on the sofa with her big dog, who she called the Puppy despite his advanced age, she was eufloofic as he put his large head on her lap and they watched the telly. It mattered only a little what was on the telly, as long as he was with her, for he displaced so much of the world’s ugliness with his warm and mellow disposition.”


Floofciprocity (floofinition) – The practice of mutually exchanges items, kisses, or hugs between animals or humans and animals.

In use: “Most floofciprocity between humans and animals come during affectionate exchanges, but be forewarned, some cats end the floofciprocity with the flick of a tail.”


Profloofic (floofinition) – 1. A person or household with a large number of animals.

In use: “Birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards, and turtles were all part of the profloofic household collection, along with the required cats and dogs, and a pig and goat, yet they were always ready to adopt more.”

2. Someone who champions or favors animals or animal rights over other priorities.

In use: “He’d decided, at last, that he was profloofic, that how people treat animals is the mark of our civilization and a bellweather for what matter happen in the future.”

“Jimi Floofdrix”

“Jimi Floofdrix” (floofinition) – One of greatest floof guitarists of all time, a songwriter and performer who influenced generations of floof with her playing.

In use: “A favorite Jimi Floofdrix song was “Purple Fur”, a song which was performed at every concert after its commercial release.”

Purple fur all over the house, it even covers the kitchen mouse.

Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why, ‘cuse me while I bite this guy.

“The Ink Floofs”

“The Ink Floofs” (floofinition) – Popular floof vocal group of the mid-twentieth century whose stylings presaged the rhythm and floof (R&F) movement.

In use: “A sentimental favorite by The Ink Floofs, “We Three” tells of the relationship between a pet, their person, and their food. Shared from the pet’s point of view, it describes how lonely they’d be without their human and their food, giving equal love to the person and food.”


Imflooftative (floofinition) – Copying or following a model or example set by an animal.

In use: “Many floofs, aware that humans are often easily manipulated, like to induce people to pursue imflooftative behavior, such as barking, meowing, and purring. Animals often regard these antics and post them on Floofbook for others to experience.”


Floofbador (floofinition) – 1. A class of poets who focus their lyrical attempts on writing about animals.

In use: “He wasn’t a floofbador, despite his efforts to create haifloofs.”

2. A person who likes singing to animals.

In use: “Each day, she sat down to be a floofbador by singing opera, immediately drawing the shepherd to her presence, where he anxiously tried looking into her mouth to see what was going on.”

3. A singing animal, particularly of traditional floof songs such as the classic, “Feed Me Now”.

In use: “Every morning, usually at about five thirty, depending on the weather (she wasn’t fond of cold, wind, or precipitation), the neighbor’s little feline floofbador stole in through the pet door, went to the bed, and began her song of desperate hunger, belying her plump appearance.”


Floof Age

Floof Age (floofinition) – The first known period of animal culture, characterized by the animals domination over the Earth.

In use: “When animals’ first floofcraft arrived on Earth after their escape, they settled in neolithic humans settlements and passed on their knowledge of agriculture and architecture to help humanity survive and flourish, a neolithic era often known among animals as the Floof Age.”

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