Just A Warning

You should look at my photograph and memorize it. Then, if you’re ever out somewhere and see me in line, whether I’m in a car or on foot, DO NOT GET IN THE SAME LINE AS ME. My presence in the line guarantees that the people in the line ahead of me and the cashier will all slow down. Tiny issues will take place to stall the completion of their transactions while I’m in the line. Once I’m through, everything will be okay, but while I’m in the line, people will flash through the other lines so fast, your head will spin.

You’ve been warned.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

This is a classic of my childhood era. Although I was a rocker, who could resist the Temptations? Their blend of R&B and soul helped me look at life, love, and relationships with new perspectives as I evolved through my teens.

This particular song comes out of the nostalgia stream because of our dry, dire situation out here in the Pacific Northwest. You may not know it, but we have many fires happening out here. Our air is unhealthy to hazardous due to wildfire smoke on most days. Hot in the nineties to low hundreds doesn’t help, nor does the drought much of the region is enduring. Events are regularly canceled as we hunker down.

Naturally, I thought, “I wish it would rain,” more than once in the past few days. That triggered the Temptations’ beautiful and melancholy song streaming into my mind. And then it rained.

Here it is, as we heard it back in 1967, “I Wish It Would Rain.”


Busy editing, I was startled when another coffee shop regular said, “Hallelujah.”

I looked up. “What?”

“Hallelujah,” she said. “It’s raining.”

I turned and looked out the windows. She was right.

Seeing it, I rose and went outside. Oh, the smell, the sound. The last time we’d had rain here in Ashland was July 15. Lightning that day accompanied the rain, starting many of the fires that issue the smoke we’re dealing with.

Lori came out. We laughed at the smells, sound, and sight. Rain! “Hopefully, there won’t be lightning,” Lori said.

Yes, my thoughts, too.


Straddle-floof (catfinition) – a common game played in households with pets. The game’s simple goal is to straddle a household pet, such as a dog or cat, and walk over it when it’s encountered, rather than walking around the pet, or making it get up and move. Scoring is based on the degree of difficulty, such as items being carried, the level of light, the pet’s size and the number of pets. Bonus points are offered if the pet is asleep and they’re straddled without being disturbed.

In use: “He had a shopping bag in each arm and a large sleeping cat in the middle of the hall rug, a perfect straddle-floof set-up — and he was wearing shoes. He imagined an announcer speaking in hushed golfing tones saying, “He’s going for it.””

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