Melting Away

Did you ever think about what it might be like to actually melt away?

Would you melt all over simultaneously, or start on the outside? Do you begin melting at some specific body part, like your heart? Perhaps your brain starts melting first, giving the signal for the rest to proceed to melt, like the green flag at a car race.

Maybe you start melting from the bottom, growing shorter as your feet melt in a pool below your ankles, causing your pants’ hems to drag along the ground, lowering your inseams by several inches. It starts with your toes, soles, and heel, and then you melt up through your legs. The ankles melt, followed by your shin and your calves. Then your knees droop and dribble away. Next are your thighs, pursued by your butt, hips, and your pelvis.

Everything is melting from your bone marrow out. Soon, you’re just a torso in a pool of your liquid self, a being whose head looks too big, with arms that are two long. Then your abdomen and back joins the melting. Eventually, all that remains is your head on your neck, sticking up from the ground like a flower blooming toward the sun.

10 thoughts on “Melting Away

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    1. Burning to death involves fire, so although the processes are similar, the impact on you from just a metaphysical melting process is, in its way, tranquil and beautiful. I think it would also be painless, but I’m an optimist.


  1. I think about this all the time. Well, maybe not specifically this, but similar. I think in metaphors, and then I imagine being/experiencing/feeling the metaphor… It’s how I destroy and rebuild myself every day and night.
    I want to construct the best version of myself, and I want to live my life as that.

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    1. I think many people do the same, with more or less energy and urgency, trying to understand who they were, who they are, and who they want to be. Some do it with quiet and continual desperation but others blaze like a star. Hope you construct your best version and live like that. Cheers


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