Saturday’s Theme Music

This song came to mind yesterday. I was thinking about lunch. What to do, what to do, what to do? Wanted something small, light, and easy. Just a little food, just a little food. Soon I was singing, “A little bit of food, yeah, a little bit of food.” With a little thought, I realized it was the tune to “Little Bit O’ Soul” by The Music Explosion. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve last heard this song, but I’ll share it with you.



Infloofment (floofinition) – an accusation against a household pet such as a cat or dog.

In use: “Seeing the houseplant destroyed, its leaves scattered around the room, she turned to the cats and leveled her infloofment, demanding to know which was guilty. Both stayed silent but wide-eyed.”

Scott Said

I did the same thing that Scott said, buying Writer’s Digest and books on fiction writing, looking for the secrets before realizing, just read and write. It wasn’t wasted time or effort, though, because I glimpsed other writers’ processes and developed my processes and voice from thinking about what they’d done, trying to do the same, and then adjusting.


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