Charles Said

*snark alert* If this true, I’m a brilliant freakin’ writer.

(“Notice the ‘tend’,” he reminded himself.)

Monday’s Theme Music

I remember hearing this song for the first time. I’d been retired from the military for a few years and was living in Mountain View, California, and working at a medical device start-up, PAS. We were renting a place but we always treated the places that we rented (or provided to us by the military) as if we owned it. In the case of this duplex that meant a lot of yard work to make the place look better.

So I was out there on a Saturday morning in 1998, doing yard work, when “Closing Time” came on the radio. I wasn’t familiar with the group, Semisonic. Although I bought the album with “Closing Time” on it, I never listened to Semisonic on a regular basis and they faded away from my awareness. I still hear the song, though, and it reminds me of that morning when I was working on the yard.


Floofsayer (floofinition) – someone who can predict a cat or dog’s behavior.

In use: “I met a man who claimed he was a floofsayer. He gave me a kitten and said, “This cat will love you more than any person or animal has ever loved you. She will follow you everywhere, including the bathroom, and sleep on your pillow against your head.” He was right in all regards. That kitten is now ten years old, weighs twenty pounds, and still sleeps on my pillow against my head.”

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