Floofnanigans (floofinition) – mischievous behavior by a cat or dog.

In use: “The puppies’ floofnanigans as they piled over the children, licking faces, tugging on clothing (and sometimes pulling something off) and wagging their tails, helped break the room’s tension. Good thing, Becca thought, or it would have been a short — or murderous — Thanksgiving.”

Friday’s Theme Music

I associate many things with my childhood, especially matters of pop culture. TV was just breaking big in the 1960s in America, as was pop and rock music, and all their variations, on AM radio. As an child who was four when the sixties began, I was swept along. I didn’t choose much of the music I heard. It was everywhere from transistor radios that people carried to car radios to television. Some of the music isn’t to my adult tastes, but they’re part of my cultural DNA.

Today’s song, “Never My Love” by the Association from 1967, is one of those songs.

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