Friday’s Theme Music

This song streamed to me this morning as I slopped about the house before cleaning up and dressing to go out. I like the lyric’s enigmatic meanings, how we think, make decisions, and decide to act, and then lose the will or the courage, and turn away. It often feels like we’re almost to our goals when they slip away, forcing us into decisions about whether to give up or go on.

Here’s Paul Simon with “Slip Slidin’ Away” from 1977.


Floofversary (floofinition) – a feline or canine opponent, or a feline or canine that opposes, attacks, or resists.

In use: “The black and white cat that lived next door remained the gray tabby’s mortal floofversary. Seeing the tuxedo boy through the window always triggered warning growls, hisses, and baleful jade stares.”

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