Carfloof (floofinition) – Animal who enjoys car rides or who prefers using cars as shelter or protection.

In use: “A true carfloof, the little tabby started riding in cars when she was six months old, enjoying the view from the center console, rising up on to her back legs to watch everything going on outside the windows.”

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    1. No, we’ve never had a carfloof either. A friend had a cat who was a dedicated carfloof and several friends have enthusiastic canine carfloofs. But not us. Our felines are always, “No no no no no no no,” when it comes to being in a car.

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      1. Oh yes, canine floofs are far more fond of car trips! They especially love to hang their heads out the window and feel the wind in their faces. In my latest ‘good people’ post about a family of refugees fleeing Ukraine, a cat was taken to safety from Ukraine to Romania on a motorcycle!!! I think our floofs would have heart failure if they even got on a motorcycle!

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