The Great Refloof

The Great Refloof (floofinition) – Conspiracy theory that claims that animals are secretly sabotaging modern society as part of a plot to enslave humans and dominate the world.

In use: “Under the terms of The Great Refloof, the animals plan to mount a takeover attempt when human activity grinds down due to climate change. Conditions won’t be ideal but floofs’ modeling shows that humans will take better care of animals than they will take care of pets during that period, putting the animals in a good place to succeed.”

Tail of the Bear

I enjoyed this post and thought it worth sharing with others. Hope you enjoy it as I did. Cheers

Troubador of Verse

(The poet carries a scar from the experience described below upon her forehead to this day)


Recorded Reading:


Tail of the Bear

In midst of one of those series of sudden changes by which our personal worlds are cracked open to new possibilities, I found myself in deep consultation with my spirit guides late one night in the woods outside of Leadville, Colorado ~ asking what actions I should take to maintain right relationship with the couple with whom I’d driven cross country from Oregon, and been, for the past few weeks, sharing a camp.

“Time to leave,” Spirit said, “unless you want to start undoing all the good work you’ve done with and for these two people. To be on cosmic time, you’ll need to be on the road at dawn tomorrow.”

“Dawn tomorrow?” I asked in dismay. “If I do have to go back out…

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A Writing Dream

It’s a disheveled dream, with a complicated cast and strange twists. I start out in a parking lot, a young man. My wife drives up in her gray Honda Civic, the one driven in yesteryears. I tell her to park and to make sure she locks the car. I point out a parking slot and she drives away.

Others are met. I tell them I’m waiting for my wife to park, but I’ll see them inside. I’m by my car of yesteryear, my first RX-7, a light blue vehicle that we bought brand new. My wife comes up. I ask her to park the RX-7 for me and tell her where. As she gets into the car, closes the door and drives away, I walk off toward a building. I pass her car; she’s left the door open. I’m dismayed, asking myself, what’s wrong with her? Her seatbelt is hanging out of the door, so I theorize that its position prevented her from closing the door and she didn’t notice. I fix all that, and then head on to building, a multi-story, long, white modern edifice with black windows, one of those places seen in business parks across the U.S. As I walk the loaded parking lot, I see my parked Mazda. Its door is open. What is wrong with my wife that she’s left doors open and unlocked in two cars?

In the building, I enter an apartment. Mom is there, along with her boyfriend, Frank. She waves hello to me. I find my wife in the kitchen preparing food and tell her that she left the doors open and unlocked on both cars. She mutters something defensive back. I answer, “That’d be fine if it was one car, but it was two. You have a problem.” I walk off.

Someone comes by to give me the book I’m working on. It’s a big, clumsy book, totally unfamiliar. When I open it, I discover nonsensical words and phrases written in a large, sloppy style using crayons. I recognize that it’s Frank’s book. I protest, “This isn’t my book. Where is my book?”

I go through the house to find my book. As I search, I find sandwiches overfilled with meat, cheese, and lettuce. No one else is there so I wonder aloud but to myself, “What’s with all of these sandwiches.” I continue going through, looking for the book, confounded, picking up a sandwich and eating it as I go. I begin noticing piles of coins on end tables, coffee tables, window sills, and the floor. Someone else is walking through the room. I turn and ask, “What’s with all these coins?” They reply, “I don’t know, you left them there.”

“I left them?” I ask back, but I’m alone. I realize that I’ve eaten my sandwich. It’s gone but there are plenty more. There’s also many more piles of money that I didn’t see before. They’re everywhere, growing taller and wider, filling with silver coins.

Dream end.


Bad weather keeps floofs inside

Where they race around, slide, and glide

Kicking dust up with their paws

Damaging furniture with teeth and claws

Picking up speed, they race and jump

Making us freeze as we hear a distant thump

Leaving us to wonder and shake our heads

Wishing they’d calm down and go to bed

Tuesday’s Theme Music

It’s going to be 45 F today but for now, it’s 34 F. This is Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the second Tuesday in November, and election day in the U.S. As ads were countered with attack ads, which were then surmounted by counter-attack ads, an anxious mood has been building in the U.S. Concerns about fair elections, democracy, abortion rights, the economy, and disinformation — otherwise known as lies — has contorted what the election is about. It’s a mid-term election, so the Democrats’ concern is that if the Republican take control, they will block every piece of legislation that rises, stymying the Biden administration so it looks bad. It was their playbook as announced by Sen. McConnell and reiterated by several GOP legislators. If the Democrats win, the GOP fears are that it’s not being taken seriously as a party and that one-party role will progress. That’s the view from the moon. It gets much more involved and complex by state, city, and county. Speaking as a voter — I dropped off my ballot last week — it’s been an exhausting campaign cycle.

The rain stopped falling but drips from every leaf, gutter, fence, and line. Sunlight made thin by heavy gray clouds is creepng across the valley. Trees remain rich with golds, scarlets, shimmering reds, and pumpkin. When sunlight strikes one of these, the leaves light up the area. The mountain snow has gained thickness from this vantage, a sight that causes pauses, but I don’t know how it looks elsewhere.

The Neurons have dropped a Heart song from 1980, “Even It Up”, into the morning mental music stream. I asked them why they chose it. They stay mute as a rock in answer. I had another wild night of dreams but nothing that I recall would make me consciously select this song. It’s a subconscious mystery, like, where did I put that thing, and what is that thing that I’m looking for?

Stay positive, test negative, take necessary precautions, like vaccinations and masks, washing hands, and being cognizant of the potentials when you’re socializing. Coffee has landed in the kitchen, so I’m off, yes, in more ways than one, many claim. But what does the wife, family, neighbors, and friends really know, hmmm?

Here’s the music. Cheers

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