Flooftouch (floofinition) – A person who is easily is easily taken advantage or manipulated by animals.

In use: “Michael was such a flooftouch for his cats. All that was needed was a purr, meow, or even just a look, and he responded by asking them what they wanted, hurrying about to give them treats or food, let them out, or

Saturday’s Theme Music

It’s a slow-start Saturday. My vaxxes have taken me down a bit. Ah, well. Concerned floofs are providing constant attention. They keep coming by to ask if I’m alright and if I could give them more kibble. Kind of them.

Sunrise conquered our valley quickly after its 7:06 appearance this morning. A cloudless sky, but the winds are something else. Infused with glacial flavors, winds rocked us all night, and are still up to it. Despite that, we’re at 47 F and expect to hit 57 F. The winds currently sound like aircraft taking off a short distance away. For the record, this is Saturday, November 19, 2022. We’ve gone below the two-week warning for November. If you dreamed goals of doing something in November, hope you’re getting it done because the calendar is emptying.

Sunset will fall at 4:46 this evening. The wind did denude many trees. Our ‘little’ one — it’s about twenty feet tall, nothing compared to the huge old oaks, pines, and firs that live along this street — was stripped bare yesterday. When we left in the late morning, it was still rich and lively with foliage. Last night, gone. That’s how change sometimes work, swift and sudden.

My theme song for today comes from a comment to my wife last night. In response to her claim that we’re old — we’re in our sixties — I answered my usual, that we can be as young as we act. Then, for good measure, I had Alexa play today’s theme song, “We Are Young” by fun. from 2011. The conversation continued, though, through lists of things we used to be able to do when we were young, and the energy that we had back then, you know?

Stay positive, test negative, get your vaxes in your asses. Well, actually, these were injected into my arm. Just ate a bowl of hot oatmeal. For my next trick, I will attempt to brew and drink a cup of hot black coffee. Or maybe some floofs and I will snuggle in bed and read while the wind sings to us. It’s a coin toss.

Here’s the music. Cheers

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