The Writing Moment

His fingers dance and skate across the keyboard. He talks with the characters, stares at far scenes until focus is found, laughs at a surprising turn. He turns his head, listening for what’s being said, rolling with the tension. Quarreling with the muses, he devotes fierce time trying to tie the story’s ends together and grasp what’s to happen next, hunting for the button that will make it all make sense.

The he stops, stretching his arms, deeply inhaling, blinking his eyes, working out back kinks, shifting so blood can find a way through his ass, and gawks at the coffee shop around him. He swears it was full before.

Now he writes alone.

Friday’s Theme Music

Friday’s initial tide of sunshine looked promising. Preening over the trees and mountains at 7:05 AM, the sun’s unfettered illumination quickly vanquished night as clouds took the morning off. Warmth remains to come. It’s 39 F now. 50 F is today’s temperature top shelf. Winds toy with the trees like kittens with strings. A lot of energetic and unexpected havoc goes on. This is November 18, 2022. The sun’s final bow will be at 4:47 PM.

We’re vaxxing today so time is compressed to get everything done. Flu and COVID. Mom is still awaiting her test results back in Pennsylvania. Her spirits are up again.

“Magic” by Olivia Newton John (1980) is in the morning mental music stream. This is again a case of The Neurons deciding something, and refusing to release the tangible connections to the selected song. Are The Neurons trying to tell me that I need to believe something? Probably. The song came into my head yesterday afternoon while walking. And there it has stayed. This seems to be another instance where I need to pass it on to others to stop the songworm from getting a tighter grip on my sanity. You’re my beneficiaries. I did ask The Neurons that if I believed, the song would stop. The song kept going. It’s never the whole song, either, just the slice where she sings, “You have to believe we are magic. Nothing can stand in our way.”

Stay positive and everything. Hope you have or are also getting vaxxed. Coffee is on final. Hope you have a great day wherever you are.


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