TMFF (floofinition) [pronounced ‘timfuf] – Shorthand or slang which means Too Much Floof Fur.

In use: “He looked at the sweater he wanted to wear and mentally noted, TMFF. It’d take time and effort to get all that cat and dog fur off it. The sources watched with smiles at his feet, as if saying, ‘See what we gave you? You’re welcome.'”

Sathursday’s Theme Music

Welcome to Sathursday! As sometimes happens, you come across a day which is supposed to be one, say Thursday, but feels like another, say, Saturday. Does this happen to you? Scientists and philosophers can’t quite account for this entanglement yet. Artists have a better feel for it, chiding people for thinking or even needing every day to be specific and exact. Why can’t hybrid days exist? Well, they do, sayeth the artists and poets. When they come, use them as you would any other.

Today is November 3, 2022, according to my cosmic sources. Sunshine dazzles the day in every way wherever you look. This is much different than yesterday. Yesterday’s weather declared, be ready for anything but hot and dry. Snow fell. Rain, sleet, hail. Just keep your head up, your coat on, your gloves nearby.

But now, the clouds have thinned and relaxed. Pine trees on the heights wear snow hats. Snow capes swath the mountains. Blue skies peek out past wispy dingy white and charcoal veils. Yet red flames and gold tiaras still crown many trees.

It’s 32 now, that’s degrees in Fahrenheit, and we’re looking for 46 F as the high. But the sunshine streaming through those windows, lighting up the rooms, delights my mind and causes a world of difference. Sunrise overruled the night at 7:46 AM. The sun’s presence will lord over the skies until 6:02 PM.

Now, for music. After another tumultuous night of dreams, I awoke with “Mr Bojangles” in the morning mental music stream. Don’t know if you’re familiar with the tune. It’s over fifty years old. Even though it’s been in movies, was a hit, beloved my many, and performed by several notables, I don’t hear it on radio or television these days. But since it’s in my mind, The Neurons pulled it out and put it on play. Exactly why is as clear as the clouds.

The Neurons went with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band edition, which I fully understand. This was the one which marked me when I was a young teenager. Such matters aren’t easily displaced.

Stay pozzo, test nego, protect yourself as need be. If not for yourself, do it for others. Coffee has entered the cup and is steaming by my side. That doesn’t sound as poetic in typed words as it did within my mind, but we will go with it. It is Sathursday.

Here’s the music. Sing along, even dance to it, if it moves you. Cheers

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