Floofvericate (floofinition) – Telling a small lie to an animal, especially a pet.

In use: ‘She carefully opened a bag in the kitchen, trying not to make any noise, but the plastic material crinkled. Within seconds, the dog poked his head around the kitchen wall and looked in. “This isn’t food,” she floofvericated, hiding the chips. “It’s cleaning supplies.”‘

9 thoughts on “Floofvericate

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  1. Ha ha! I do that all the time! I swear, Atlas can hear me open a Rice Krispie square from four rooms away, and that week when he wasn’t allowed any treats, I was floofvericating like crazy!

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  2. Dog’s thoughts here…
    ” So okay. Cleaning supplies. You went to the grocery store. They have things there to eat. For ME to eat. Give it up. Or next time, YOU chase that stupid ball!”

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